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Motorcycle mounts

it would be cool to have a motorcycle mounts you know since we have small cars and other stuff that had nothing to do with the game lol


  • Flying Motorcycle mounts and umbrella weapon skin so i can pretend to be Hagrid!!
  • AulonAulon ✭✭✭✭
    If done right they can be cool, work around the lore of Castanics are techies, maybe create an arcane powered one.
  • Unfortunately there's not really been lore around the cash shop items, cars that look like they were inspired by a nfs movie, hello kitty isn't tera based at all we don't even have television, hydrath is clearly from marvel stuff or even if you didn't believe that they could be germanic war garments, wolves don't exist in this game but we have mounts for them, the list goes on..
    They really don't need a lore reason to sell motorcycle mounts, just enough ppl in korea asking for them.
  • Let's get some motorcycles on a Middle Ages-like game

    I'm just kidding, Steampunk Motorcycles would fit pretty good. If Castanics can make a hologram in Castanica, they can do anything.
  • The cost of developing a new seated animation for all the characters would be very high indeed, so they would have to use existing animations ~ which means they would have to be very wide motorcycles. Would that look sensible? I don't know.
  • NopiNopi ✭✭✭✭✭
    New animations are only to be made exclusively for new female locked classes. Nothing else will get so much love. Though BHS can surprise me and make a generic bike animation and make tons of mounts with it. Then again, the things would also need to fly, because few would buy a new non flying mount.

    As for the style, of course, it's cash shop. I assume BHS has a rule that nothing in the cash shop can be lore fitting. So expect Harleys or Hondas if this ever happens.
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