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Producer Letter for Autumn 2016



  • What about people without guilds? Why are you forcing people to join guilds?

    I have yet to find a guild with people that are not afk all the time and actually does some content lol.
  • They aren't shrinking it, they are cutting off access to it and moving everything into a temporary hold space. To regain bank space, you have to be a level 30+ guild. :( You can't even access one G.bank tab until you've hit level 30.
  • I can understand it so long as we are allowed an initial tab. But none at all? That sounds like bull [filtered] in action. Is there a magic potion that lets us level a guild up to the max? One that costs EMP perhaps?
  • edited September 2016
    I don't think there will be any problems with the new server and PvP... PvP at level 65 is dead anyways...The only time people try to pvp is the people trying to kill the low-levels, and they stop that on this new server.

    Any time people try to gvg its like...wth should I gvg? I'm grinding ... don't bug me. They always immediately cancel if it wasn't per-arranged between the two guilds.

    Killing people doing vanguard? ... No reason to do vanguard the old way. Vanguard is 120pt the old way and it takes too long with the anti-grouping system in place.

    People just do a "lowbie" dungen that gives 180 or 210 vanguard points and spam that. This means everyone is in dungeons and not even leaving the cities past Lev 65 unless they are doing a achievement, or event. The only time people get killed now is when an event like tera mongo is happening and 2 parties spot a ultimate mongo at the same time.
  • Getting to FFS and see the global was fun as heck lols, Tnx EME, it was really good and nicely done.
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