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[TR] Worldboss hunting group?

Heya everyone!

I'm not exactly sure if this is the right place to ask, but according to the section description, I assume it is...

So, are there any Worldboss hunting groups out there? I wanted to start hunting them down, but I seem to run into difficulties doing this on my own... That's why I thought having a few people that actively look for worldbosses together would be a nice thing to have.

If there is no such thing on Tempest Reach, would you be interested in setting this up?

Please either reply to this thread or poke me via PM. You can also contact me ingame on either Pinon or Fururun!


  • There is a nice large group of people who hunt worldbosses together on TR, send me a PM if you wanna know more :)
  • HysphericalHyspherical ✭✭✭
    Yes there is a thing but it's not a guild. Can whisper me in-game ( Ball ) if you don't have luck with the person above me. Finish up most of your other achievements before doing WBs though. It's going to take dedication.
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