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suggestions for CS queue fix

Recently with introducing Kumas, and queuing from level 20 and XP rewards for winning, shorter time and easier to handle, CS was effected and queue timer has been increased significantly.

My suggestions:

Starting level to queue: We start the queue for CS from level 40, at level 40, players know their classes better, They surely experienced battleground, felt the strategy, teamwork, leadership in Kumas, so they are partially ready for CS. Some might say, make it to 20 or 30, then you must be reminded of the many troubles we had back then when from level 30 you could queue for CS and the reasons that CS got restricted to level 65 only.

Rewards for lower levels: The XP reward will be shared with Kumas, for example: If you get the 1st win of the day XP from Kumas, CS reward for 1st win of the day also resets to normal XP reward. This way, people will have the exact same XP rewards they get from Kumas, they will just have 2 BG to get their 1st win XP reward. This can also create some diversity and fun for leveling.

Organizing the party: We can have match making system for this, to keep things controlled and balanced. We set a limit of having characters less than level 60 on teams, Or we can put at least 10 level 65 characters on each team. So it will be a better environment for level 65s to do CS, since they have all their skills checked and can obtain crystals and all, also lower levels can get in their and fill spaces for faster queues.

What do you say?

PS: Sorry for bad English as always, trying here :proud:


  • I think that people should be able to queue for multiple battlegrounds at the same time, similar to the dungeons.
  • There weren't real problem about lvl 30 on CS, because lvl 30 players were in both teams, what made both teams balanced anyways.
  • The biggest thing they need to update are the BC and KS rewards for CS. Currently it is just more efficient to spam Kumas, even for level 65s trying to get Conflate gear. In the past CS was meant to be the way to get BC and FWC was meant for KS farming, but you need so much more KS than you need BC to make gear, so Kumas and FWC are much more beneficial.

    Also being able to queue for multiple BGs would help all BG queues.
  • Make it so people under lvl 60 get fixed crystals depending on their class, the problem with lvl 30 people in cs was people in sh*t PVE crystals were everywere and people that had pvp crystals had a big advantage towards those using pve conarchs. And those who had many low lvl on their team were in disadvantage.

    In FWC you have equalized gear to those that have low item lvl, why not add equalized crystals to those who are using any non-60 crystal. People over lvl 60 can use cruxes and zyrks, but you could make it an option so people that only have PvE crystals can choose to be queued with fixed PvP crystals for their corresponding class.

    Also make it so it doesnt matter your lvl, you can use all skills. This not only helps lowbies be in the same condition as someone lvl 65, but helps them learn skills they will use later on.
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