( FF ) R Five is Recruiting!

Guild " R Five "(PvE/PvP/Casual) is Recruiting!


-We are Accepting lvl 65 players.
-We are an international guild with schedules for Asia,NA and Europe.
-We have a lot of active,skilled and friendly people.
-We use Discord,Facebook,Website.
-We Offer class / dungeon training
-We offer dungeon runs ( any dungeon currently in game )
-We do PvP ( battlegrounds and duels )
-We offer friendly environment.
-Guild is 1 year and 8 months old.
-We currently are in need for DPS

Guild goals:
-Continue with self sustaining community
-To make our play fun as much as possible
-To become the best guild in the game

If you are interested , add me on Discord , Radovan#8280 , or contact me in game over Parcel Post , Radovan .

Here are some things you need to know about the guild !!!!

Rules of Conduct in the Guild

1. It is forbidden to attack/harass someone personally, including their race, gender, religion, nationality, ethics, sexual preference, or personal beliefs. If it is done , result can be suspensions or kick .

2. It is forbidden to do E-R-P ( erotic role play ) because it can cause drama in guild. E-R-P outside of guild is allowed , such is in LFG parties , Instance Matche parties .As long as there are guild members in the party E-R-P is forbidden . Let's cover what is E-R-P, it's essentially the MMO version of phone s-e-x, s-e-x-ting, x-rated web-cam feeds, etc. If it is done , result can be suspensions or kick . „Dirty „ jokes are allowed , „Dirty „ jokes are usually short jokes and don't grow in E-R-P .

3.It is permitted to bring your in-game (person you met in TERA or other game) Girlfriend or Boyfriend to the guild, subject to the Guild Master's approval. Because relationships can cause drama in guild, your partner and/or your (public) interactions with your partner will be assessed by the Guild Master. If drama is caused, your partner (and/or yourself) may be subject to suspensions or kicks, with priority being given to the longer-serving guild member.

4. Do not make any unwanted and inappropriate spam in guild chat / discord . If it is done , result can be suspensions .

5. You may share your personal information (name, phone number, e-mail, social media, etc.) with other guildies, but please know that you do this *at your own risk*. If the guildie you shared this with then uses it to harass or abuse you, they are subject to suspension or kicking as per (1).
If you receive another guildie personal information, you may not share it with anyone else unless specifically authorized by its owner.

6. Do not try to resolve problem that you have with guild mate yourself ( if the problem is quite large ) . Contact your Guild Master for assistance , if GM isn't online , ask Officer in the guild. Take a Screenshot as a prof , so we can discuss it .

7.If you want dungeon run , ask in guild chat / discord . Guild run is always the best run .

8. Do not post in Facebook group something that could be interpreted as inappropriate.

9. Be nice / helpful to guild mates .

10.Be Active member .

11.Please be carefull with bringing your problems from real life to game , it can cause problems . If it is done , result can be suspensions .

12. Bot commands are only allowed to be written in #bot_channel text channel !!!
Music Bot is only allowed in #MusicRoom voice channel !!!

13. Please , if you are leaving the guild , tell Guild Master or Officer the reason why are you leaving , it's right thing to do after all .

Following these rules will allow us to continue being Friendly / Active and drama free guild , what is very hard to find these days .

Guild Bank Rules

-First let's cover who can use GB, GB can use people that have
Veteran, Captain and Officer rank.

-To get one of those ranks you need to be active, to go with us to the DG, to donate something to the guild bank even if you don't have authority to manage GB , and to earn our trust.

Now that we have covered that, let's talk about rules of GB( this section applies to the people that have authority in GB)
Rules :

1. Player needs to donate items/gold when ever they can.

2. It's FORBIDDEN to only take items/gold from the GB ,if you want to take items from the GB you need to donate gold or other item that is as valuable as the item you took. For example if you take item ( that can be sold for 100 gold on TB) you need to put 100 gold in the GB. ( This is meant for people that can access to GB )

3.There are 4 TABS in GB. First tab is for crystals/gear and Alkahest/Feedstock of Tier 5 and higher. Tab number 2 and 3 is for gathering material and items that drop from DG). Tab number 4 is for combat supplys ( potions,scrolls,charms etc. )

4.Guild Master is obligated to supply GB with combat items from 4th tab in GB,he is gonna do that with gold from GB ,those items can be taken by members only if they ran out of them and they need those items fast ,but of course they need to return those items ASAP .

5.Members that break these rules will be demoted or kicked ,punishment will be determined with discussion between Officers and Guild Master .

6.To borrow gold form the Guild Bank, person needs to put items in GB that are of same value as the gold he will take from GB , after he pays off the gold he took , the items will be returned to him

Ranks in Guild

0: Suspended - Rank for people that did something wrong or are being punished at the moment.

1: Initiate - Recruit, a new member on a trial period.

2: Explorer - Regular member. This rank is given to members that are showing potential, and are active daily.

3: Dungeoneer - This rank is given to people that are active daily, doing Guild Quests, and are active in guild community (talking with other members or helping, either on Discord or Guild Chat). Permissions: Ability to advertise the guild.

4: Veteran - This rank is given to people that are members of the guild for a long period of time, and did a lot for the guild. People with this rank are active in the guild community, and are active daily or casually playing the game with the guild. This rank is very special and it's not for everyone! This rank is for people who will always be in the guild, and will never leave it, no matter what guild situation arises. This rank is usually given to people that are considered or/are "Founders" of the guild. This rank is something like a "Medal of Allegiance and Honor". Permissions: Ability to accept and turn in Guild Quests, full Guild Bank access, GvG authority, authority on Applications for the guild, and ability to advertise the guild.

5: Lieutenant - This rank is given to members that are doing a lot more stuff for guild than the Dungeoneer, and they are not skilled in every dungeon like the Captain is. They also mastered their class. Lieutenants together with Captains and Officers are considered pillars of the guild. Permissions: Ability to accept and turn in Guild Quests, authority on Applications for the guild, and ability to advertise the guild.

6: Captain – This rank is given to members that are skilled in every dungeon and are doing Guild Quests. They are active every day and they are providing training runs for other guild members. These members can lead a party and carry a party if necessary. This rank is given to members that mastered their class to that extent that they can teach it to someone. Captains lead their party/raid to victory. Together with Lieutenants and Officers, they are considered pillars of the guild. Permissions: Ability to accept and turn in Guild Quests, full Guild Bank access, GvG authority, authority on Applications for the guild, and ability to advertise the guild.

7: Officer – This rank is a very special one, just like "Veteran". The Officer must have player skill level at least on the level of "Lieutenant", be active every day, must have the ability of reading people's moods and helping them when they need help, and also must have the abilty to bring out the best from guild members and push them to get better. These people are seen as "Authority Figures" in the guild. They always can help/give the best advice, not just for game, but for real life as well. Officers have to know when they need to get involved in a problem if there is any, and to solve it. Other members also consult Officers for help if they need it, just like it was stated in Guild "Rules of Conduct". Before getting this rank, the member has to be well known and acknowledged throughout the guild. Permissions: All.

8: Guild Master - This rank is for the head founder of the guild.... Actually, this rank is for noobs that die in Channelworks. Trust me, you don't want it or need it XD ( this is an inside joke )

How to advance

To advance between ranks , player has to run dungeons with the guild , and for other guild members to acknowledge him as skilled

We have youtube channel as well , you can check it out if you want , here is the link : https://www.youtube.com/user/MrMrOther


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