( FF ) R Five is Recruiting!

Guild " R Five " (PvE/PvP/Casual) is Recruiting!


-We are Accepting lvl 65 players.
-We are an international guild with schedules for Asia,NA and Europe.
-We have a lot of active,skilled and friendly people.
-We use Discord,Facebook,Website.
-We Offer class / dungeon training
-We offer dungeon runs ( any dungeon currently in game )
-We do PvP ( battlegrounds and duels )
-We offer friendly environment.
-Guild is 1 year and 11 months old.
-We currently are in need for DPS

=== Guild goals ===
-Continue with self sustaining community
-To make our play fun as much as possible
-To become the best guild in the game

=== Vision ===
R Five wishes to be the community you can come to when you wish to hang out with excellent people. It is our top priority that we treat each other with respect and dignity, particularly in the face of adversity. Our second priority is to improve the skills of our members so as to accomplish the near-impossible together what we can't do alone. We believe that this is the best path for what your goal as a player ultimately is: to have fun!

=== Implementation ===
A key goal of R Five is to maintain the feeling of a home while also encouraging guildies (who can are willing to, anyway) to improve enough so that they can focus mostly on endgame content such as the latest 5 star dg.
To this end, we categorize each player into one of two molds: the hardcore endgame mold, or the relaxed/casual/questing mold, because these two groups have different needs and go about meeting those needs differently.

=== Understanding the New Order ===
Those in the hardcore endgame mold are given the rank of @Sage. These people work almost exclusively toward clearing the most challenging content in the game, and require tight synchronization with each other to do it.
Those in the relaxed/casual/questing mold are given the rank of @Paladin. These people may clear most (or all!) of the dungeons, but don't have the time/motivation/desire to put in the work in clearing the hardest dungeon on a consistent basis. They are inherently social and take pleasure from the company of other guildies.

Neither rank is better than the other, and R Five needs both to ultimately succeed. Without @Sage-s, we will just lose many of our most talented members to the more dedicated endgame guilds. Without @Paladin-s, we will be a tiny guild with little vibrancy and sense of community.

As such, @Sage-s answer to those players with rank @Sage-Captain, who in turn answer to the @Sage-Officer. @Paladin-s answer to those players with rank @Paladin-Captain, who in turn answer to the @Paladin-Officer. Both @Officer-s in turn answer to the @Guild Master .
This also means that, generally speaking, @Paladin-sdo NOT answer to @Sage-s, and @Sage-s do NOT answer to @Paladin-s. A person with a problem should escalate their issue to their respective @Captain-s or @Officer, or to the @Guild Master if appropriate. If they are not online and there is some sort of emergency, then the other @Captain-s and @Officer are authorized to take action.

=== Ranks, Detailed ===

Initiate: A person who first joins the guild. Both Officers will collaborate to determine if the initiate should advance to be a @Paladin or a @Sage, at least in the beginning.

@Sage: A person concentrated almost exclusively on the hardest content in the game. Most of their time is spent coordinating schedules and learning/training with other Sages for this purpose. Anyone can request this rank, but must be approved by the Sage-Officer. A Sage can choose to become a Paladin instead at any time, and such a player can return to being a Sage when their circumstances allow. [Permissions: Advertise the guild, Set GQs.]

@Paladin: his rank. Such a person may clear most (or all!) of the dungeons, but doesn't have the time/motivation/desire to put in the work in clearing the hardest
dungeon on a consistent basis. A Paladin is inherently social and takes pleasure from the company of other guildies. [Permissions: Advertise the guild, Set GQs.]

@Sage-Captain / @Paladin-Captain: A person who actively pushes themselves and others to improve, shows skill in almost every dungeon, actively recruits people, and shows a relatively mature way of thinking. They are active nearly every day. Captains provide training runs for their respective groups. Together with the Officers, they are considered pillars of the guild. [Permissions: Full Guild Bank access, GvG authority, Applications authority, Advertise the guild, Set GQs.]

@Sage-Officer / @Paladin-Officer: This is a special rank, just like Veteran. The Officer must have player skill at least on the level of Captain, be active almost every day, but also must be able to read people's moods and help when they need it. Officers bring out the best from guildies and push them to get better. Officers are seen as authority figures in the guild, giving the best advice not just for playing but also for real life as well. Officers have to know when they need to get involved in a problem if there is any, and solve it. Before getting this rank, the candidate must be well known and acknowledged throughout the guild. [Permissions: All.]

@Veteran: A person who has the respect of the guild. Veterans have been with the guild for a long time and have served the guild well. Often, Officers who wish to take a step back from their duties become Veterans. Veterans are active in the guild community, and play somewhat frequently, if casually. This rank is not for everyone! It is given to those who will never leave the guild regardless of circumstances, and are often considered Founders of the guild. It is something like a Medal of Allegiance and Honor. [Permissions: Full Guild Bank access, GvG authority, Applications authority, Advertise the guild, Set GQs.]

@Guild Master :The Head Honcho, the Big Cheese. The one with whom the Buck Stops. You get the idea

The Leadership team is comprised of the Captains, Officers, and GM, and frequently Veterans are included on guild administration matters.

=== Community Interactions ===

The Sages and the Paladins will often not party together because they have different goals and constraints, and they meet those goals differently. However, it is imperative that they understand each other and know how to interact:
- Sages will make themselves available to mentor Paladins for class-specific knowledge.
- It might be that a Paladin asks a Sage for non-mentoring help. If a Sage says "no", s/he should explain that they're focused on solving a different problem at that moment, without being mean or critical. (Often the Sage just won't have the time!) It is imperative that the Sage treats the requesting Paladin with respect.
- The Sage should not disparage a Paladin. Everyone starts somewhere, and everyone has a different learning curve due to a variety of factors. Sages should encourage Paladins so they can develop into Sages!
- Sages will make eval runs of Paladins from time to time to see if such candidates are ready to join the Sages.
- Sages will train sufficiently qualified guildies on HMs.
- Sages will likely form static parties, which is how the most effective parties are developed. "Static" is not a dirty word! It doesn't mean to exclude people -- it is simply an acknowledgment of who works well with whom, and they are often formed on this basis. Statics, contrary to their name, will change due to RL, availability, and new entrants to the Sages. New Sages will probably be invited to join a static after time zones and personalities are considered.
- Paladins should not expect to run with Sages too often, and should not disparage the Sages for running with Sages. (That is why you improve!)
- Paladins will be given mentoring, pointers, guides, and information, but it is unfair for a Paladin to expect to be hard-carried too often by the rest of the guildies.
- Each guildie should try to be honest with themselves about their skill, but should not feel ashamed, whatever it is. Tera has a challenging learning curve! It's okay to say "I suck, and I need help". It's okay to say "I'm getting there, but still have some work to do". It's NOT okay to say "you suck".
- Each guildie must try to abandon feelings of insecurity about getting parties. If s/he makes sufficient effort, the parties will be there.
=== Contributions ===

The Sages' primary contributions to the guild are
1. Mentoring and knowledge.
2. Prestige. It is important to have R Fivers being seen running HMs consistently. The guild being in the Top Ten gets us applicants of all varieties of skill, but having known, effective Sage players running HMs gets us more skilled applicants.
3. Unused VM designs. Sages will hold unused VM designs to give (or sell at a resonable discount) to sufficiently qualified up-and-comers.
4. Rarely, GQs, usually when convenient.
The Paladins' primary contributions to the guild are
1. Supporting other Paladins in terms of training/material runs.
2. Working with Initiates to see where they are and if they're indeed good people (regardless of skill).
3. Socializing with the guild!
4. Occasionally, GQs.

=== Guild Quests (GQs) ===

Anyone (except for an Initiate) can accept (and push the complete button for) a GQ, taking care to leave a space open for the Rally GQ if it hasn't been triggered yet that day. (Rally times below.) Anyone performing a dungeon run (or two or three) is welcome to set the appropriate size GQ for that dungeon!
Though GQs are important, they will not be pushed onto anyone who does not want to do them. We believe we will maintain standing in the Top Ten if GQs are performed on this basis.

=== Rules ===
These are general conduct rules.
1. It is forbidden to attack/harass someone personally, including their race, gender, religion, nationality, ethics, sexual preference, or personal beliefs. If it is done, the result can be suspensions or kick.
2. It is forbidden to [filtered] (erotic role play) because it can cause drama in guild. [filtered] outside of guild is allowed, such as in LFG and IM parties. As long as there are guild members in the party, [filtered] is forbidden. [filtered] is essentially the MMO version of phone [filtered], sexting, x-rated web-cam feeds, etc. If it is done, result can be suspensions or kick. "Dirty" jokes are allowed. "Dirty" jokes are usally short jokes and don't grow into [filtered].
3. It is permitted to bring your in-game (person you met in TERA or other game) Girlfriend or Boyfriend to the guild, subject to the Guild Master's approval. Because relationships can cause drama in guild, your partner and/or your (public) interactions with your partner will be assessed by the Guild Master. If drama is caused, your partner (and/or yourself) may be subject to suspensions or kicks, with priority being given to the longer-serving guild member.
4. Do not make any unwanted/inappropriate spam in guild chat / Discord. This includes politics in text channels and in Home/Party chat (though politics and other sensitive topics in Chit-Chat is okay).
5. You may share your personal information (name, phone number, e-mail, social media, etc.) with other guildies, but please know that you do this at your own risk. If the guildie you shared this with then uses it to harass or abuse you, they are subject to suspension or kicking as per (1). If you receive another guildie's personal information, you may not share it with anyone else unless specifically authorized by its owner.
6. Do not try to resolve a problem that you have with guildie yourself (if the problem is quite large). Contact your Officer (Sages to Sage-Officer, Paladins to Paladin-Officer) but if your Officer isn't online, and you need HELP ASAP, you are more than welcome to contact the other Officer. Take a Screenshot as proof, so we can discuss it. If Officer has difficutly with solving the problem, you can contact the Guild Master.
7. If you want a dungeon run, ask in guild chat / Discord. Guild run is always the best run. :)
8. Do not post in Facebook group something that could be interpreted as inappropriate.
9. Be nice and helpful to guildies.
10. Be an active member. If you foresee being inactive for a large period of time (say, 10+ days), alert the Guild Master.
11. Please be careful with bringing your problems from real life to game; it can cause problems.
12. Bot commands are only allowed to be written in #bot_channel text channel!
Music Bot is only allowed in Music Room voice channel!
13. Please, if you are leaving the guild, tell the Guild Master or Officer the reason why you are leaving. We welcome opportunities to fix problems and improve the guild.
14. This rule is divided in three sections since it's related to recruitment and guild space.
a) When you join "R Five" with your "main" character, you are allowed to bring 2 more alts with you (hence three characters total). However if you have more alts, then you can join them to our other guild "R Five Alts".
With each promotion, you are allowed to bring more alts into guild, if you prove mastery of the class. However, the two alts that you initially added don't have to be mastered or geared up upon joining, but in a short period of time (say, 2 weeks after joining) they have to be mastered and geared.
b) When joining "R Five", you have to clearly state your main. However if you have more than one main, and you can't decide, then you are required to join on both of them. (Some people have dual mains, but a true tri-main player is almost unheard of.)
However if you are joining only on an "alt" (which has to be geared and mastered), then you may only bring that one alt, and you will be considered an alt-citizen (see below). (This rule does not effect preexisting members.)
c) If your main character is not in the guild, you cannot attain a Leadership rank.
15. Any kind of material obtained in the guild party run, that can be used for crafting the newest version of Vision-Maker Set (Designs included) need to be offered to guild mates with a discount (from average Trade Broker price of that item) that you are comfortable with. If no guildie wants to buy, can you put it up on the Trade Broker.
16. I , @Radovan , a Founder and current @Guild Master of the guild "R Five", reserves the right, at his sole and absolute discretion, to change, modify, add to, supplement, or delete any of the rules mentioned above!(edited)

=== Alt-Citizens ===

Alt-citizens are those players who have put alts into R Five but have their mains elsewhere. Alt-citizens have the same Discord privileges as every other guildie. However, during R Five events, they are not necessarily given the same event privileges as other guildies. Their event privileges will be determined on a case-by-case basis by the Event Leader for the event in question, and can be influenced by how much that player has contributed to the overall health of the guild and/or to the setup and maintenance of the event. This prioritizes those members who have served R Five faithfully.
=== Guild Bank (GB) Rules ===
Officers and Captains can retrieve items/gold from Guild Bank, so ask one if you need something. Anyone, however, can donate directly.
1. Guildies need to donate items/gold whenever they can. These in turn help others with combat, gear, and events.
2. It's FORBIDDEN to only take items/gold from the GB except for specially designated items (e.g., Prime Battle Solutions). If you want to take items from the GB, you need to donate gold or other item that is as valuable as the item you took. For example if you take an item that can be sold for 100 gold on the Trade Broker, you need to put 100 gold in the GB.
3. The Guild Master is obligated to supply GB with combat items, usually with gold from the GB. Those items can be taken by guildies only if they run out of them and need those items fast. Such items need to be returned/replaced ASAP.
4. Members that break these rules will be demoted or kicked. Punishment will be determined with discussion between Officers and the Guild Master.
5. To borrow gold from the GB, the guildie needs to put items in the GB that are of the same value as the gold s/he will take from GB. After s/he pays off the gold he took, the items will be returned.

=== Special Responsibilities ===

Some guildies will be given special responsibilities independent of rank. For example, recruiters will try to help Paladins by recruiting for classes that are generally missing, and they will try to help Sages by recruiting talent in the appropriate class and time zone to round out a static.

Event Leaders will retain autonomy for the events they lead, and these events are often fun and fast.

We have youtube channel as well , you can check it out if you want , here is the link : https://www.youtube.com/user/MrMrOther


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