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Server Maintenance 9/12 @ 12:30pm PDT

Hi everybody, I'm mostly alive!

Servers will be brought down for an emergency maintenance at 12:30pm PDT. That's about 30 minutes from the time I'm writing this.

There's an issue right now that's causing character select to not display everyone's characters. This maintenance will address that. Servers will be down for approximately 30 minutes.


  • They are only fixing that?

    -Reward system
    -Only Fey Forest has a vanguard event
  • They said they are working on the reward system in other threads. x:

    Not sure about the vanguard event
  • Ves1978Ves1978 ✭✭✭✭
    Based12 wrote: »
    They are only fixing that?

    -Reward system
    -Only Fey Forest has a vanguard event

    Fey Forest has an "event" cause rewards for vg requests are halved, so they got this temporary solution to have same rewards as other servers.
  • Ves1978Ves1978 ✭✭✭✭
    hope you'll fix that automatic log in to FF when i log in. it ok when i log in for first time, but it's kinda annoying if my game crashes in the middle of dungeon.
  • Based12 wrote: »
    They are only fixing that?

    -Reward system
    -Only Fey Forest has a vanguard event

    The "Vanguard event" is on the other servers as the normal amount, they forgot to add it to the new server, fey forest when that server was brought up, so it was put in as an "event" as a quick fix until its made static.
  • WTB > Calendar Items
  • I literally logged in as soon as the maint started
  • edited September 2016
    @CleverOne321 dang that timing

    @DesuBean The calender rewards are nice but it's good to see other things getting fixed first.
  • TianaTiana ✭✭✭
    What needs to, also, get fixed are these issues a few of us are having with logging out on one server, and coming back into the game on a fully different server. But all in due time! Thank you for the mait and hopefully everything gets fixed.

    Side question.. If we're awaiting a ticket due to issues with transferring, and the ticket isn't answered til after the transfer time closes, then do we miss out with transferring?
  • @StarSprite Yeah, although I did like having the calendar rewards. I just want them to give all the servers the ability to get the reward credits back as missing some of them by not being able to click the button and silly me, had reward credits from a few purchases that I spent only to afterwards see that the system was disabled... Oh well, next time I know to check the forum first in that regard.

    I'm curious, does this mean we won't have maintenance tomorrow?
  • Are they still down? Anybody know for how long?
  • @LightsInAction can cheek to see if sever are up or down here http://tera.enmasse.com/server-status and 30mins as what spacecat had post.
  • Since this is emergency maintenance we will probably still have down time on Tuesday for the usual business unless they happen to say otherwise.

    The reward system was pretty broken for the brief moment it was turned on after the merge. Maybe we'll get an event or something to make up for not getting daily credits or access to the dungeon. I'd personally like to see them take this time to also update the shop with the new inner wear and maybe different costumes.
  • They already had the new innerwear loot boxes... with the +20 crit stat instead of the older +16 ones... for instance. However, I'd like to see some new costumes or even start Halloween items early :)... but meh, fix the bugs in the reward system is more important.

    Yeah, servers are back up
  • The server maintenance did not fix the problem for me @Spacecats
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