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Patch Notes: September 20, 2016 - 'The Guilded Age'



  • OH btw, Not adding Northern Shara to Flying Zones? : O.o
  • Gosalyn wrote: »
    Gosalyn wrote: »
    Until EME is done with the maintenance or they tell us, we aren't sure how to get the Ghost or Diamond in Royal version yet... Some speculate it'll be from a loot box, I suspect it'll be like the Eclipse Pegasus and white winged lion, a bundle pack...

    on the stream it was mentioned that the ghost and diamond would be in loot boxes

    O.o ah kays... that'll be a bit of a hassle to get an account bound one then :(

    As i stated in another thread: direct purchase is purely speculation at this point. Recall that hellwing/argo/eclipse were "loot box" mounts too but were also added as accnt only versions for direct buy. I have a feeling dragons wont be direct buy at the start, but will inevitably follow the same pattern as the fore-mentioned mounts.
  • How did spacecats get this job again? Seems like any idiot can be a CM nowadays lmao.
  • so where's the mount?? i dont care about gvg, i just want dragon mount lol
  • the enchantment boon box in the vanguard supply store still rewards tier 5-6 feedstock and alkahest despite patch notes saying they were changed to tier 8-9 ^^''
  • LancerJivaLancerJiva ✭✭✭✭✭
    Xenyzhia wrote: »
    so where's the mount?? i dont care about gvg, i just want dragon mount lol

  • why was DFNM demoted to simple quest in Vanguards? I see no reason to do kalivan dreadnaught hard mode. At all.
  • 1.Can you please explain what happened with the guild bank?
    2. What should we do in order to use it like before?
    3. Till when can we keep our items there (in the temporary one) without losing them ?

  • Can we please fix brawlers for Civil Unrest. don't like being up in the air by a broken class, whole reason why I stopped doing alliance.
  • They maybe doing something Emporium and TERA Store website are both sorta down/temp-unavailable. Anyone hear anything as to why?
  • Hay get this everyone, after the update the welcome message still shows that alliance territory PvP is imminent... Is there any way to get back to the alliance territories?

  • My Tera started giving this error: 000a 0000 after upgrade
  • CallaCalla ✭✭✭
    edited September 2016
    I was listing a costume item "Elin Gothic Medley" for a friend on the broker (as I am elite and they are not), and when I logged in to claim it from my parcel today (expired listing), it was listed as "Cannot trade". Not only does this raise the issue that I can't relist it to sell for them as I had originally said I would, but now I can't even give it back to them.

    Please fix this asap :v

    (PS: No I did not accidentally bind it)
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