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NA TERA should DIFFER from KTera



  • Supervisor: "Hey make me a cool dragon mount that people will lose their shiz over."
    Artist: "Done! I put a lot of effort into it."
    Supervisor: "Good. We'll only use this on one of the Tera regions."
    Artist: "Why? It's here and complete it's ready to be used in any Tera region!"
    Supervisor: "Because someone on the forums said we shouldn't let other regions have them because reasons."
    Artist: "You mean nobody's going to get to enjoy my cool dragons?"
    Supervisor: "And you're getting paid 5x less because we can't afford to pay full price to make completed assets for only 1 region."
    Supervisor: "Also you're fired."

    Have you read the stuff said?

    OP: idiot, read the whole thread 1st, then reply.

    Hyspherical: Sorry no time, was [filtered].

    They're gona use all assets everywhere that's how they make money. Why do you think it takes NA Tera 6 months to get K Tera's content but less than a month for stupid llamas and crap? You are always going to have people who like it and some who dislike it. There is no 100% consensus on the dragons' passive.

    It is not about what ppl likes? PPL wanna one shot SSHM last boss, and get 100K EMP, give it to them?

    Not everyone wants that either tbh. I mean, I'll take the EMP sure. :)
  • If I remember correctly Nexon is the Ktera publisher now...Nexon = P2W...so in turn if they implement systems in Ktera then eventually NA TERA will implement them as well. See how that works, it's called making money. Money is the bottom line, if EME can't keep the lights on then you ppl will have nothing to QQ about.
  • ratedXratedX ✭✭✭
    edited September 2016
    ratedX wrote: »
    Why are so many people whining about a passive that
    "improves movement speed for your party" let alone a little extra damage "against monsters?
    Do you complain when someone logs in for 7days and receives 6% power?
    Do you complain when someone pops a food buff?
    Do you complain if someone knocks out the achievements for extra damage, decreased damage, raises hp?
    Or Do you really complain just to complain?

    If your going to complain about something,
    Complain about something that actually makes sense.

    In-game obtainable dragons not available upon Update, But Store Dragon boxes are.
    The new Guild "BAM" dropping Imperator like candy.
    BHS forcing you to level a guild to even use Guild Bank tabs now, when they have been available for 4yrs.
    RNG boxes cluttered with so much junk, the actual item chance of popping is slim to none.
    Daily Calendar rewards are forgotten every so often.
    Bugs | Glitches.

    [filtered] like that makes more sense. Whining about a "Barely noticeable passive" is just stupid.

    I have been complaining about all those you complained about for years. Complain here, cosmetic shouldn't give buffs, that can start a bad direction.

    Then what do you call hp/stam/mp regen on mounts? Same difference. Yet nothing stopped them.
    It's a new age. And just like Achievement buffs, Logging in daily, Potions, etc. It gives the user a small buff.
    It's just something new. And if i'm not mistaken, Is for PvE purposes only.
    But if they wanted to, They could remove the ability's to ride mounts in dungeons if it makes you feel better.
    (was at work, just got home a little bit ago, reason i didn't reply sooner)
  • I remember when BAMs were actually difficult to kill, and healers couldn't really solo them. I do not understand why they did it, EME fought against it for a long time until this and other reasons made us have a delay of up to 8 months for content.

    I remember when I had to calm Seravy down, and the long [filtered] wait for him to spawn. RIP old quests.
  • ratedX wrote: »
    Then what do you call hp/stam/mp regen on mounts? Same difference. Yet nothing stopped them.

    Actually people did make a big deal out of these - especially stamina since it applied in bgs - it just got drowned out.
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