Updated Guild Menu And New Game Guide!


There are plenty of changes coming with tomorrow's Secrets & Shadows update, but here's one we have yet to mention - a new Guild Menu! This new post gives a couple additional details, but you'll see the new features in-game soon enough :)



  • JasonLucasJasonLucas ✭✭✭
    These changes are nice, but BHS could have used more the players feedback. Like individually access permission for each bank tab, allow GM decide a hierarchy for each rank so higher ranks can promote/kick players with lowers ranks. Create a guild skills with a xp/gold boost, craft crit chance/enchanting chance bonus, etc. Let the GM turn on a gold loot tax. There is alot of good feedback to make guilds in TERA better.

    Oh, please fix the Alliance ranking issue, the GM cannot kick someone that has a Alliance rank this sucks. :angry:
  • Offline Guild invites would be nice
  • AulonAulon ✭✭✭✭
    Make an animation for when the GM kicks some one flying monkeys come out of the sky and eat said person.
  • TutturuTutturu ✭✭
    Gonna copy the post I made in another thread as people are still getting confused by this:

    "Simple fix that would save a lot of peoples time. The new guild finder defaults to Any Size, Join Now and My Level. That means any guilds under Send Message aren't displayed when searching and most players in my experience haven't thought to change it from Join Now to Any. I'm having a lot of people whispering me saying they can't find our guild on the list because of this. Having the search parameters default to Any makes the most sense.


    What seems best:


  • I'm having an issue where I go into my Guild Invites, I click on the guild name to look at the guild info, I press the Reject button, and it tells me I have joined the guild. This has happened twice.
  • Why are the servers down on June 2?
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