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Slayers in PvP?

Is slayer any decent at all in PvP?


  • MadheadjoshMadheadjosh ✭✭
    edited October 2016
    Hey TeddyBears.

    As someone who's main Slayer and played him for over 2 years I can say they're mid tier, compared to other classes.

    The problem with Slayers nowadays is the fact that their kit has long cooldowns and can't execute another stun lock combo for at least 17 seconds, they're also vulnerable to cc and mobile classes, such as Reapers, Ninjas, Gunners and Sorcerers, just to name a few, which all have a lot of utility to counter Slayers.

    Another problem Slayers have is they're very predictable and fairly easy to dodge because of this.

    But despite these cons they do have pros too, such as their huge damage burst, they have the potential to one combo your target or at least getting very close to it, also depends how you built your Slayer.

    They also have a lot of Aoe (area of affect) abilities, this is good for battlegrounds or mass pvp, their staggers are also something to behold as it is second to none and probably have one of the best staggers in the game.

    They also have quite a few kits and combinations making them fairly adaptive in combat and somewhat mobile, if used correctly.

    Overall a skilled Slayer is definitely to look out for as the difference between a bad Slayer and a good Slayer is big and very noticeable, but their flaws such as opposition classes do make Slayers feel helpless in some situations.

    Hope this helps!

  • Thank you for the info

  • Make of that what you will; people already say I'm a mean [filtered] so I won't comment the other post
  • Mid tier is very generous for slayer.... And that video linked is not something to actually take seriously because there is nothing you can do in soloQ atm that will make you get those damage numbers. There is no way to get an 80k ohs in 3s unless it's team's against people with literally trash gear. Even if you get lucky and get the broken damage icb.
  • Do I bother replying, do I not, I decided I'll meet half way, writing this but not being sucked into a pointless argument; but thanks for playing anyway
  • Lol I don't blame you. Forums are bad enough atm. But ya feel free to go do slayer in either 3s and see if your numbers are that high. And if they are tell me what you are doing cuz I'd love to know friend :c
  • As every single melee DPS is useless. This game PvP is all about take one of range DPS class (reaper, ninja, gunner, archer or sorc) and brainless spam AoE. Lancer and brawler are also usefull with them AoE CC to make life of range DPS classes even easier.
  • TiL ninja is ranged
  • TatsuyaaaTatsuyaaa ✭✭
    edited October 2016
    Slayer is too op nerf plox, too much desync/mobility
  • Slayer is bottom tier up until now tbh.
  • #Slayersneednerfremovebackstabandautoattack
    edited October 2016
    Coolkicl wrote: »

    Nerf slayer? Slayer is the most balanced class in the game and has much disadvantage against the other.

    The Backstab Slayer sucks. Completely buged and easy to escape.
    Warrior has an infinitely superior and OP backstab, but no one complains.

    Not to mention that many skills of SLAYER give dsyncs all the time, as heart of trust, fury strike and eviscerate.

    I played with Slayer, but now it sucks with all these horrible op classes. I was forced to migrate to gunner ...
  • Um.... He was joking man...
  • Inb4 the "revamp" that's coming to ktera soon introduces skill changes like backstab with stun and a 20m eviscerate with 100% knockdown without initiating a chain first.
  • feel free to go do slayer in either 3s and see if your numbers are that high. And if they are tell me what you are doing cuz I'd love to know friend :c

    overpower+icb+estars+cruel crystal proc+forceful crystal proc+backcrit.
    learn to fking setup burst. slayer is not about spaming abilities in face and complaining about desync problems like every [filtered] used to think. slayer is about patience and punishing. its hard to understand bcz slayer have this giant sword and retards just want "SMASHSPACEKILLSHIT" playstyle.
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