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[Mount Tyrannas] Just Another Guild is recruiting

edited May 2016 in Guild Recruitment
Hey there,
Did you know there's Just Another Guild recruiting active and social people of any level and any experience that are willing to learn and have a laugh?
No, well now you do.

Just Another Guild pays homage to my old guild on EU TERA, the guild was founded by me and a long time friend, and it operates under a few rules:
1.- Being carried is allowed as long as your willing to learn and try, nobody can start out being the best at any class, we all have to go through the learning process, but when you have learnt everything, be willing to pug and teach other people in the guild.

2.- Banter in guild chat and Discord is and always will be a day to day thing, so please don't apply if you are easily offended ;)

3.- It's a game, it's always been a game and it always will be a game, don't take it too seriously. Ok wiping in a dungeon 10 times in 1 run can be annoying but remember it's just a game.

Anyway mindless ranting about rules over.

The guild is very, very small at the time of writing this but I would love to see it grow, so if your just another guy or girl, and wanting to join just another guild, send in an application today.

P.S. Sorry if this is the most boring guild ad ever I'm no good at writing \o/
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