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Civil Unrest Event not working



  • That whole day is terrible. Middle of the week??
  • natianatia ✭✭✭
    edited October 2016
    while I appreciate you guys trying to figure out whats happening.... 5pm pst on a work day is not a very good idea :/

    I can deal with the event just being tuesday ONCE so we all know it works. Then change it back to the original time on Saturday please?
  • EndevaEndeva ✭✭✭✭✭
    Treeshark wrote: »
    I know you all are angry, but please remain civil on this. Vysse's post has been helpful, and I'lll be keeping my eye on that one.

    Can't ask us to remain civil during a Civil Unrest!
  • Welp, that was an interesting event.
  • gg. won't be home lol
  • edited October 2016
    Who care if this first version in the middle of week won't be full??
    The important thing now is figure it out on making work. Or u guys would prefer to wait another week to gamble if its gonna work??
    Grow up and stop make useless complain
    [filtered] happens
  • I mean no matter when they choose the time someone wont be on.
    Tbh that time actually probably allows my guild to have 20 to 30 more people on for it. To each their own.
  • We will remain civil if u stop wasting our time.
  • That whole day is terrible. Middle of the week??

    It's not the permanent time, but as a "live test" when everyone at EME and BHS can be available to troubleshoot it. Assuming all the problems are solved, it would be moved back to its regular schedule. As far as a countermeasure to the repeat failure, it makes sense, but I agree that it should not stay that way permanently.
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    Treeshark wrote: »
    After last week's event not working, we re-QA'd the entire event using the same parameters and asked Bluehole to help us figure out what might have gone wrong. We had it working but obviously, as of a few hours ago, it did not.

    I had concerns about running something mid-week, and again on Saturday, as it would lessen the rewards of such an event. Right now, theres' no other choice than to run this during the week at an hour when we're all in the office to troubleshoot. RIght now, this Tuesday at 5pm seems like a better time, but I'll come back after running this by the team at EME and BHS on this.

    I know you all are angry, but please remain civil on this. Vysse's post has been helpful, and I'lll be keeping my eye on that one.

    @Treeshark is there a reason why NAtera's Civil Unrest area differs from the area of KTera and TWTera? Physically, the map and restrictions are literally different. Could this be part of the reason why Civil Unrest is not working for NATera?
  • Remain civil for civil unrest. huehue
    I saw what you did thar.
  • Just to clarify, tuesday will just be a mock conflict right and the main one will still be on saturday 7pm? Tuesday 5pm is pretty bad for west coast players, I know you guys want to start it during your work hours though...
  • Why not change it to Friday 3PM during the usual stream time?
  • JenieveJenieve ✭✭✭
    Can I ask, why bother logging in and saying something 2 hours after the fact. Effort is only effort if it is the correct time.
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