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Welcome to the Bug Report forums!

What’s a bug and what isn’t?

A bug is something in the game that should work one way, but doesn’t. A game bug is not a game suggestion. If something is working as intended, but you would rather have it work another way, please use the Game Suggestions section to give your feedback and improvement ideas.

Not sure if you found a bug? Try asking other players if they’ve experienced it. Still not sure? Go ahead and report it here!

Common things that ARE NOT BUGS:
  • Servers are down
  • Game lag/latency
  • Failure to launch TERA
  • Game crashes while playing

For game crashes and other technical issues, please visit our Support Site for assistance.

OKAY, I FOUND A BUG! How do I report it?

One bug, one thread! - Don't cram multiple bugs in one discussion, and try not to make duplicates.

Do a quick forum search to make sure there isn’t already a discussion about it. If there is, please add your details there. Otherwise, here’s a sample post you may use as a template:

(TITLE: Bee Keeper’s “Bzzz” skill uses incorrect animation!)

Character info - My character is Buzz.Hopkins, level 65 Bee Keeper on Celestial Hills. He is MALE. He’s a HIGH ELF. (Always make sure to provide class/race/gender). He has full Starfall gear, all pieces except boots and gloves are +15. I first experienced this bug on 11/12 after logging in and entering Forsaken Island (Hard) through Instance Matching. The bug only happens in Forsaken Island and Forsaken Island (Hard). It does not appear to happen in any open world areas, Battlegrounds, or other dungeons.

The bug behavior - When I have the “Honey Pot” buff active and chain “Stinger” into “Bzzz,” the “Bzzz” skill completely skips its combat animation. When the bug happens, Bzzz still deals damage normally, but my character stops moving and stands still. The sound effect for Bzzz also does not happen. Ideally the end of Stinger’s animation should be interrupted by the Bzzz animation to show my character spinning around and shaking its bee booty at the monster with a distinct buzzing noise.

Hotkeys - I have my hotkeys mapped to default except Stinger which is mapped to Q and jump is mapped to X. I typically use Spacebar to chain Stringer into Bzzz.

Related glyphs - I have the base glyph which reduces the cooldown for Bzzz by 10% but no other glyphs interact with Bzzz. I also use the glyph for Stinger which increases crit damage by 3%.

Other details - This bug occurs during all fights and monsters in Forsaken Island, and after speaking with other Bee Keepers it looks like I’m not the only one experiencing this bug. This seems to happen 100% of the time in Forsaken Island. If I turn off Honey Pot buff, the animation works normally, but since Honey Pot is such an essential skill for Bee Keeper, I have it active for every fight.

Latency/FPS don’t seem to be a factor. It happens regardless of lag or dropped FPS.

Here is a screenshot (or video) showing the bug in action:

<LINK TO IMAGE OR VIDEO – Always useful!!>

As you can see, I made sure to include my UI in the screenshot (always include your UI!) so you can see the other buffs I have active along with any other UI information.


How will En Masse respond to my bug report?

Ideally we won’t need to. We’ll just fix the bug, and you will have been an excellent help in improving the quality of TERA! On some occasions, En Masse staff may respond in order to get additional details about a bug if we’re having a hard time replicating it. There may also be times when a bug has been identified, but we aren’t able to fix it right away. In those cases, En Masse staff might stop in to let you know we’re working on fixing the bug in a future update.


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    Below is a list of items that we look for in our bug reports. You do not have to include all of them, but the more information you provide the easier it will be for us to identify the bug.

    What happened: A very detailed description of what you were doing right before the bug took place, during the bug, and after.
    Date and Time the bug was witnessed
    Reproduction Steps: If you are able to reproduce the bug list the steps to do so here.
    Screenshot: If you can get one a screenshot is very helpful in identifying a bug. Pictures tell a thousand words so include a screenshot of the bug if you can.

    Additional details if applicable...

    • Name of the character or characters that experienced the bug
    • Server the bug was experienced on
    • Name of the NPC that is bugged
    • Name of the quest that is bugged
    • Zone or area in game where the bug took place
    • URL of the website where the bug is
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