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What if we get persona feedstock too?

We got personal Alka, why not feedstock? With the new crap fodder system that makes runs useless and you can't dismantle gears, we see shortage of feedstock and makes most dungeons useless to run, unless doing the guild quests, how about we get personal feedstock from them? We will have them for ourselves, and that can help a lot.

PS: It doesn't mean if we got it, give 10K of them in 1 hour mongo event. I am seeking a better solution for this shortage and I think this can work, if we get the extra feedstocks from quests, runs as personal and untrade-able.


  • wtb 20k personal feedstock from 8-12 ( so you can enchanted tier9-10-11-12 or etc)

    enchanting mid tier and 15+ is too hard D:
  • mayfl0werr wrote: »
    they ruined the game by doing that [filtered] events and personal stuff, the only way to farm gold for non p2w player was farming mwa and other things, but now, they cant no one can farm for 3 months, only way to get gold is by selling emp

    I'm farming gold just fine and I haven't sold EMP at all.
  • feedstock shortage? last i checked everyone has 50k t9 feedstock sitting in their bank from mongos, and plenty on the trade broker to go around... at half the price it used to be. i dont think anyone needs personal feedstock, u just need to grind gold more
  • I agree with wilwerin.

    Srop complaining !

    (This is sponsored by no offense)
  • mollyyamollyya ✭✭✭
    Pardon my inventory and bank can't hold so more different types of things
  • I agree with wilwerin.

    Srop complaining !

    (This is sponsored by no offense)

    Those who were online in the Mongo event farmed them a lot, it is not a complain, it is a suggestion about future, those feedstock will be gone soon with new gear coming, and soon again. For the lack of feedstock coming from dungeons they might run events, so personal feedstock can fix that problem. I am suggesting something for a long turn fix, but it needs a little of sight which you can't see much in the forums.
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