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Double Drop & BG Power Hour this weekend (No CU:V)



  • No double drops in Ghillieglade :|
  • Uuuh does it really not work? Here I was thinking I at least had something to do this weekend :cry:
  • No double drop GG, no DSU, Play cancer kumas and forget about dragons, CU, and many other stuff, forget about that one guild keep getting rally quests. Yeah, OK.

    At least put GG on the list @Spacecats plz
  • Double BG points in cancer for FWC though, so many people queing just to cap pyre and farm loser credits
  • Spacecats wrote: »
    Clarified my original post. The Double Drop is for all TERA dungeons regardless of level.

    I wonder why you say "ALL TERA DUNGEONS" when ghilliglade is not affected. And don't start by saying "oh is not a dungeon is a solo instance" If I go in through a portal.. is a dungeon :c! Or in any case, you could have specified, all dungeons except ghilliglade. *sigh*
    You said this was suposed to make my weekend better, is just gonna be the same dissapointment as the previous ones. I wanted to farm some underwear boxes since I wasted a few when they got randomly reverted and got skivvies.. way to go~
  • I was quite disappointed by the lack of Double Drops in Ghillieglade as well. Can either @Spacecats or @Treeshark review this and possibly enable it? I know a lot of people currently agree that Ghillieglade is virtually the only dungeon worth farming at the moment...
  • MorokuMoroku ✭✭✭
    The only dungeon worth grinding isn't in the x2 drop event GG
  • ratedXratedX ✭✭✭
    Just got home from work.
    Good to see Ghilieglade wasn't added to the list!
    That was like the only thing actually worth doing during double drop!

    Now i get to sit back and relax, because there is nothing to do.
  • Obscumbra wrote: »
    Eloquenx wrote: »
    What do you even mean by killing the economy. Cheap stuff is good. What's wrong with lowering the cost of enchanting? I think these events are good and more should come.
    Eloquenx wrote: »
    In the first place, I personally like cheap stuff. What's there to gain from having things so expensive?

    Inflation. It also makes it harder to even make gold since you can't sell anything.

    Then stock and buy things cheap in double drop event and sell them after.
    There is always ppl outplay others.
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