[TERA PC & Console] En Masse is closing, but TERA lives on! We will continue to support TERA PC (NA) and TERA Console until services are transferred. Our Service Moving Info page is now live here: https://bit.ly/tera_service_moving

what do you guys think about the future/health of the game?

Just curious was experienced players think about the current health/future of the game. Currently I am really enjoying Tera and it is my main mmo/game now. As well I play FF14/BDO(occasionally) but I just enjoy Tera more. I would also be interesting in what newer players have to say =)


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    Old player here. I try to be a bit more neutral, but that's not easy.

    I was playing BnS earlier that year. I guess there's no need to say how an experienced MMO, working for years in asia, gets messed up in NA/EU. I really wish Tera had this cool gliding, character customization and the asian dresses (I'm not a fan of barbecue dresses). Of course there's no reason to play Bots'n'Spam anymore.

    I've seen an MMO dying. The forums went out, there were no GMs ingame, even players were given GM powers to maintain the last mile. Tera is far from that.

    Tera is quite small. It will never have the moneypower nor manpower to compete against Blizzard. Tera has no choice in future projects. Tera can't afford to try out e.g. a male class and see if the sales go up for males. Tera is directed at casuals. The advantage of small is getting in touch with the customers, us.

    I often compared it to hotels. When being sent on business trips, I'm put into the next biggest hotel chain. The food is average but always decorated with high standards, you have a whole organisation package and nothing can go wrong. This is Blizzard. Whoever stayed in a smaller hotel run by a family will know the charm of it. They often have their homemade produce (marmelade, wine, food) and you have personality there. The people running it know your name and are highly motivated to even fulfill extraordinary wishes (cockoo clock). And this is what fits my personality. A family running a wine yard and having a small hotel will serve you the best wine even without an expensive sommelier. You get to eat local meat and have a small insight into this region. And this is what I like in Tera. I could fill pages from the advantages of Tera, e.g. Kumasylum adaptions for NA to PvE server mechanics. But just go with the picture of enjoying a wine with their the wine yard in the back.
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    dark, because bhs take too many weird decision and remove too much cool stuff

    and enmasse doesnt shine as before
  • game will continue until the next action MMO that can actually run at 60FPS like your gfx card should be able to, that comes along and crushes terra, blade and soul, vindictus, etc... I feel like I'm in an interrum period until that "game" comes along. This game is old (years). and the engine it runs on limits it, like all the other games. I personally believe the onset of the virtual reality 3d goggles with smart phones will herald in a new age of gaming, with a pc in control of everything, relaying gfx to the vr goggles, or 3d monitors.

    Free to play is a boon and a curse. I remember long ago paying a monthly subscription and being able to file a live help ticket and get a real life GM to help me get through dungeons. No such thing in free to play games. No more filing tickets and getting a real life response within 5 minutes. (sigh)

    And gaming companies can decide -- on a whim -- to just pull the plug on a game and launch a new game -- and not offer any perks at all to the loyal community that was cut off. I have yet to find that company that "gets it", that we are real people with feelings. So I have an ominous feeling that the plug will be pulled soon. I wouldn't invest much of my soul into this game, unless unfathomable dissappointment and abandonment is your thing.
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