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way to get people to explore the world/daily vanguard quest idea

Greetings, in the current state of tera you can literally level from velika or highwatch without ever exploring the world. Most people don't do the story quest and that has lead to a saturation of just afk players waiting on que pops. For such a beautiful and large world I think it is rather sad that the majority of players never see it. Currently the only end game quest in most other cities are the level 60 reputation quest which no one does anymore because the rewards are irrelevant now. My idea is that there should be random large bams that spawn in the world all over that are part of the daily vanguard quest. These could offer unique drops or just needed mats. The basic idea is that they would spawn in different cities or areas every day which would mix things up and get people to do more. Grinding daily bams on Island of dawn is fun and all but I would like some variety for my daily bam slaughter.


  • You may not know it but the daily quests always change. We should also be aware that the Vanguard can not change every 2 months.

    Samples: Before the IoD BAMs, there was the quest "That ain't right (TAR)" which was a popular killng quest due to being a group quest. People lined up and waited for open spots. BAM killing quests in Val Oriyn were popular before this as well as collecting (Lime) quests.

    Fortunately Tera always had collecting quests for the low-DPS classes.
  • thanks for the imput
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