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Server Downtime Hangout Thread: May 17, 2016



  • GumsGums ✭✭
    my launcher just gets stuck patching with 1 minute left and a full bar :(
  • why only black or brown hair for every haircut now??
  • why only black or brown hair for every haircut now??

    They added two new hair colors, all the rest are still there, you have to click the arrows on the side.
  • Omg my golden laurel just upgraded into diamond! Is this a dream or something????? :'D
  • shrius wrote: »
    JinxyKat39 wrote: »
    I'm gonna guzzle coffee, maybe make some muffins later, because i know it's going to be closer to 4 hours than two. Good morning everyone!

    Things appear to be right on track...
    Dare I say that they might even be available early? :D

    Don't release them until I get back from the orthodontist i'll post here when I get back so you guys can release.

    Ok i'm back go ahead and release!
  • Lulz...starting download time was 1 hour, 45 mins (DSL)...now it's 3 hours, 50 minutes and rising. :surprised:

    First 50% went fine <<chuckles>>
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