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So with new gears coming, any changes to older gears drops, rewards and more

I mean, the Dreadnought progression stays the same? You get tier 8 and tier 9 like before from vanguards? Can we get some more details that what will happen if anything gonna happen rather just adding new gears of coarse.

Also, I noticed that in Enchantment Boon Box: it says it give tier 5,6 feedstock, it is not just fixed or it reset again like GF tokens, also Enchantment scroll from Friendship Token also says tier 1-7, I didn't try them to know if they are working as description or as what we had in patch notes.

PS: Forgot about tokens, they remain the same, same items, store?


  • no details? My alts really wanna know what will happen cause I stockpile stuff for hem and IDK what to do now lol
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