Is it possible to reduce the time between future patches?

I know about localization and all and the stuff happened recently, But old classes getting revamp is something many were looking for and waiting like 3 months for each one of them appear on NA is kinda annoying, if we could have them in like 1.5 month would be nice and could keep ppl more hyped for next content. For example, warrior is my face class and thinking that have to wait 6 months or more for the revamp coming to NA drive me nuts. Couldn't be a coordination between EME and BHS/Nexon to work on localization when they are also trying to make things ready for Ktera to lower the time difference, The waiting time is already halved compare to a year ago, can we see it get halved again, is it possible? Recently I see some hype and more activity due to preparing for next content, so that could really help community and also environment of NA Tera for EME and us.
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