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and PVP PLAYERS say bye bye?



  • sumlausumlau
    edited October 2016
    Healers die INSTANTLY. Tankers CANNOT front line. EQ is just a cluster****. We can not customize our rolls to our specific needs on the battlefield. What was BHS thinking when they pushed this update?
  • AKF3FHXPD9 wrote: »
    ..so ya say but reality is alot of pvp players have been playing for far too long for Just one patch to make them quit. They've also invested too much time and effort and still wanna get that time back. If not for pvp then they will go pve till they die of starvation from pvp. If anything most wl tstand around sadly, que team 3v3s or sulk in outskirts dueling folks heavily depressed waiting for the 30 man raid patch to see what that brings.

    That's certainly not true. I've seen pvpers that I knew just move on to other games they're not going to waste their time on this game lol. Also, the ones who do stay for pve will get tired of it eventually.
  • sumlausumlau
    edited October 2016
    4YXA7YMJXY wrote: »
    Yep, this patch will see a good portion of what was left of the PvP community exit the game.

    And good riddance honestly. Id rather pvp with more casual humble players than with those try hards inspecting warriors and who run OP geared premade's just for dailies and farm on weaker players.

    Good luck with that, BGs barely pop now. hope you enjoy kumas lmao.
  • BonbonnieBonbonnie ✭✭✭
    edited October 2016
    @ 4YXA7YMJXY comment

    Have fun never getting in CS and doing nothing but Kumas, I guess.
  • BorsucBorsuc ✭✭✭
    VirtualON wrote: »
    Haha this Borsuc guy is funny. Just because all the MMOs you listed is going EQ doesn't mean TERA has to ( so it won't die lol?) . Because Tera is a PvE game, PvP is just a side activity. That's where BHS is focusing on. Deal with it.
    What you speak of makes no sense. I just gave a possible reason for the change and why it is a good thing. Not all of those MMOs "got it wrong", and you're not smarter than them.

    Why you tell me how TERA is? YOU are the one complaining and want it changed. Therefore, YOU are the one disatisfied with how the game is. So what sense does it make for you to tell someone else how the game is? You're the one who's not accepting it! Therefore, you're wrong.

    And it's not the only gear-based MMO left for PvP, BDO is as well. However that's not a battleground focused MMO at all. (and in TERA, open world/GvG is not equalized either)

    But frankly, if you think I spoke of the entire game and not just PvP, it seems you can't separate PvE from PvP. Proving my point more how you're just a wannabe and not a real "pure" PvP player.

    Not once did I say any of those MMOs are not gear based for PvE. Blade & Soul, for instance, is insanely grindy in PvE. 100 times more than TERA. I already said that, though. But you're the so-called PvP player who can't separate PvE from PvP :awesome:
  • BorsucBorsuc ✭✭✭
    Twosome wrote: »
    Energetic etchings and CDR rolls for a mystic made them literally unkillable.
    Now I can't be a troll anymore and jaunt everywhere. ;-;
    Such balance, much fair, wow. this uneq.
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