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Error -118 when loading url https://account.enmasse.com/launcher/1

Is there an issue with the servers right now? My launcher is not working correctly..


  • Probably another ddos attack...
  • Mine too. idk whats going on
  • Tera launcher isn't responding on my end either and hey Kreuziger :)
  • Same problem here. The website is also being really slow.
  • GG 118 error
  • yea, i was disconnected from the game, and now my launcher is showing this error, and also noticed the tera site is really slow.
  • tera launcher doesnt pop the log in option aswell
  • True, wonder what's happening, everything seems fine from my end.
  • BrissaBrissa
    edited October 2016
    OMG ......

  • Nice to know I am not alone.

    Game DCs me in at the start of LKnm, I've been trying to get in there for hours too...
  • yeah en mass is playing clue with the ISP ports again
  • Same issue for me as well.
  • Same issue for many players it seems, too bad it is the weekend, we might wait forever :(
  • Same sheit here

    Dhrizzit wrote: »
    Kalinda wrote: »
    Same issue for many players it seems, too bad it is the weekend, we might wait forever :(


    dont say that, not forever pls

    what i gonna do with my life without beautiful enlils?

    I'm glad i took a photo session of my elin hours ago. Imma watch that qt for the meantime.
  • Noooo this better get fixed soon :( just when I finally had time to play
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