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Etchings: Grounded vs. Relentless

I know that everyone are saying that Relentless - PvP, Grounded - PvE, but why? I understand for Tanks, since it affects their defense, so they will not bleed through block, but what about DPSes and Healers?

For Close Range DPSes it can be similar as for Tanks, but Healers? You shouldn't be getting hit, unless it's undodgeable mechanic and these mechanics usually are dealing fixed dmg without chance to lower it with defense/dmg reduction.


  • Relentless is good for rmhm
  • So far, I like having one relentless and another grounding just because of the HP boost most class received during the patch helped scale healer's HP even higher. So you get a lot out of having HP% rolls from your earrings/innerwear.

    From what I see, having endurance is nice but knowing how poorly cloth scales with endurance, the difference isn't THAT big unless the other healer has +15 and has full endurance rolls on their accessories, but even then that amount isn't too much that with partial HP/end rolls on your accessories would you have missed out on that missing defense. And it's true that as a healer you usually get hit mostly with fixed damage mechanics rather than actual boss damage.
  • mollyyamollyya ✭✭✭
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    Despite RIP Archers, Zerks and Slayers. 3 classes with lowest base HP.

    Join a guild that has Elinu's Vigor V, and use 4 relentless niveots, then 7-day attendance should make you more than 160k HP. newbie buff also gives you extra HP. Kaia's shield can absorb nearly 40k damage. Relentless etch does not seem to be necessary.

    HP build is only useful in RMHM. Defense build has advantage in other dungeons. More defense means you can facetank/ignore some minor attacks and keep focusing on some more important jobs(DPSing, buffing etc).
  • That was before. Now, Gear/ Jewels got enough endurance. Before, glove option was +4 endurance. It's 12 now.

    Just go with Relentless. Boss does fixed dmg more. RMHM, if you have 160k+ HP, it will help much for healer.

    For normal dungeon(except RMHM), It's ok to use 4x +2.5 healing accessory crystal, +9 endurance inner armor, +12 End from gloves option. +4% HP/ +4 endurance earrying, 200+ healing option on necklace, +4 endurance rings, 8% HP option from armor or 3x reduce dmg options.

    When you play Healer, You can't expect all dps and tank are pro. Sometimes, you have to take some hit from the boss, but you need to heal team member right away. if you have good endurance and high HP, you can take more hit from the boss. My healer is tougher than avg leather dps.
    But, for RMHM, Healer should have more HP. 160k+ HP.

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