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Kumas Bug

so during my last game of Kumas I got stuck in limbo. When I respawned all of the game was grey like I was still dead and on the scoreboard it showed me as dead. I could still type and ping was fine just the game still registered my toon as dead. I was able to walk around the map but no one could intereact with me. I had to eventually drop out of the game because it got stuck for so long. Anyone else have this issue? 31006674216_07e4b05b4d_h.jpg


  • NobunautNobunaut ✭✭
    edited November 2016
    I have had this happen to me. It seems to happen most when you respawn at the same moment someone joins/leaves the team (or that's how I see it anyways). This happened to me twice, causing notifications to post twice on my screen and not letting me do anything for the entire game. I also noticed that when this does happen, it prompts "Battle Start!" even though the game has already started.
    I don't know what the real cause may be, but this is fairly uncommon, so I'm sure your team understands.
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