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    kuma and tank B)
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    edited November 2016
    Someone in Global Chat told us that he/she did CS in all character everyday.
    I though that, I don't have such luxury time to spent like him/her all day, everyday when my queuing time for CS already took about 1 hour and not even popping. I did take screenshot sometimes, it just, unbearable.
    Now, even you get into CS with 2+ hours queue, imagine that when you lost like in 2 minutes...

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  • People are wont to choose the one battleground that is most rewarding at the expense of the others (which gets more people queuing for it, which reduces queue times, in a loop), and it's been this way for a long time (and actually, is the same in other MMOs as well). If EME does something to "save" this one, people will start queuing for it instead of the others, and people will just complain that queue times are long on the other ones.

    Probably the only thing they can do is bring back Power Hours to certain battlegrounds on certain days so that, at least on those days, that one will pop quickly.
  • 1. Delete Kuma, Iron tank. - really no fun at all. Only for reward.
    2. Let lowbies join CS. Allow 5 men premade, but ban pre-matching.
    3. Make the gate's HP higher. Increase Crystal HP. Too fast to break the gate compare to before. No need any other tactics anymore.
    4. Increase bomb attack power. Bomb is too weak now. It's tickle.
    5. N/A version of CS is really messed up. EME has setted up wrong too low HP of gate and crystal.
  • I feel like the problem happened when they capped CS at 65. There were many lower levels who joined CS and now... it's terrible.
  • Just opening it to level 30 would save it. If you look at kumas, usually ~6/10 people on the team are under 65, so there are a lot of low level players who can make the queue pop.
  • please remove cs from the laurel achievements too. it is hard to grind for when i have to sit for 40+ minutes queue, kind of pointless if you ask me...
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    Pls...don't do this
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