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AV Art Shop

Hello Hello~
My in game name is Aqui in AV and I decided to open up two commission slots for digital art.
Why only 2? I tend to take a very long time to finish my work so for the time being two slots only
Chibi Comissions are for 5k - Check my work ~sullenrawrdi.deviantart.com/gallery/61141752/Chibi
Full Body are 15k - Check my DA - sullenrawrdi.deviantart.com/gallery/61141765/Full-Body
Extra characters - 5k +
Aman and Baraka are a bit harder so worth more
Remember to add their name, things that they like, what type of character they are etc. I just need a rough idea of who they are ^^
How do I comission you? - Send me a PM Or reply to me here!
I GET TO CHOOSE WHO I WANT TO DRAW ! // Elins most likely lmao, jk, I'll try to get out of my comfort zone//
Edit: Decided to add MT as well!


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