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Patch Notes 11/30/16 [Fang and Feather]



  • CryshyCryshy ✭✭
    edited December 2016
    On yosha's translation this patch in korea also had:

    Battle Cry
    Added effect to give you highest aggro for 5 seconds.

    Challenging Shout
    Added effect to give you highest aggro for 5 seconds.

    Did we also get these changes?
  • No only challenging shout and battle cry. Fiery rage under intimidation mode gave you 100% perma agroo for 5 seconds. Im saw this in essencial mana ktera news ( im no sure is this pacht or lastes pacht ) or in spellbound.
  • I've ran rmhm on my warrior and can confirm battle cry now keeps you at max aggro for 5 seconds, wonderful
  • Battleground Quests
    Upon entering Iron Battleground, players receive the daily quest “Tanker for a Day!”
    Awards an Iron Gear Box.
    We updated the contents of reward boxes for battlegrounds.

    Does this mean that Lady's Handkerchief is no longer available or?
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