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BuddyUp Codes Thread!



  • MelusinaMelusina ✭✭
    edited December 2017
    All codes taken, thanks!
  • CreoseCreose
    edited November 2017
    My Character: Illiara
    My Server: Acsension Valley
    BuddyUp Code: Illiara#0061 (2/3)

    My Character: Creose
    My Server: Ascension Valley
    BuddyUp Code: Creose#1497 (2/3)

    My Character: Creyos
    My Server: Ascension Valley
    BuddyUp Code: Creyos#9225 (3/3)

    please only use these codes once you've made a character you feel you can successfully level to 65. c: TY
    If you have any questions or need help with anything, feel free to message me ^^ <3, on pg 228 Phaze has a quick efficient guide to get to 65. i suggest using it. c:
  • Please only use if your going to lvl 65.
    My character: Spario
    Spario's Server: Tempest Reach
    BuddyUp Code: Spario#8209 (0/3)

    Please reply if your going to use my code
  • Server: Fey Forest

    Code: Midoriiro.Kaibutsu#4745

    Valid until 12/02/2017 5:00
  • Server: Celestial Hills - Roleplay

    BuddyUp Code: Cielo.Win#2103

  • My character: Allison.Halsey
    Server: Tempest Reach
    BuddyUp Code: Allison.Halsey#6619 (03)
  • Looking for a code for Mount Tyrannas.
  • edited November 2017
    Only use the code if you are planning to reach lv 65 please.

    My character: X.Katrina.X
    Server: Ascension Valley
    BuddyUp Code: X.Katrina.X#2160
    Use : 0/3

  • If anyone wants to use my codes they can~

    My character: Evaline.Rose
    Evaline.Rose's Server: Celestial Hills - Roleplay
    BuddyUp Code: Evaline.Rose#4592

    My character: Twilight.Melody
    Twilight.Melody's Server: Celestial Hills - Roleplay
    BuddyUp Code: Twilight.Melody#0603
  • Anybody got a MT buddyup code?
  • Server: Fey Forest

    BuddyUp codes:

  • AdyneAdyne
    edited November 2017
    Celestial Hills (Roleplay)

    Buddy up codes:
    (3/3) Adyne#9367
    (3/3) Vollane#4464

    If you need any help just let me know!
    I won't bite... hard. ^^
  • When you start the game and enter my BuddyUp Code, both of us receive special benefits!

    My character: Cielo.Win
    Cielo.Win's Server: Celestial Hills - Roleplay
    BuddyUp Code: Cielo.Win#2103
  • Your server:Ascension Valley
    Your code:
  • SprayPaintSprayPaint ✭✭
    edited November 2017
    ALL CODES are On the Ascension Valley Server
    NOTE: Its best to copy the code and paste it into the game, that ensures your get the code right. Please do not PM asking for clarifications on codes, these all work as entered...

    Next Code Reset: Dec 8th

    2 Codes Left: Thulu#8649
    2 Codes Left: Linsha.Majere#4662
    3 Codes Left: Katrina.Hates.Dead#0979
    2 Codes Left: Chestal#9764
    3 Codes Left: Shelli.Silverloop#4768
    3 Codes Left: Dieu.Le.Veut#2301
    3 Codes Left: Grace.Omally#7514
    2 Codes Left: Memori.Littlerose#4872
    2 Codes Left: Strawbery.Jam#5934
    2 Codes Left: Caramel.Delight#0503
    3 Codes Left: Lindisfarne#7224
    2 Codes Left: Malice.Myst#7133

    This Buddy Code list is updated at least once every other day!

    If you are a New player, or returning player And need help you can join my Guild "The Crystal Pirates" as there Is usually someone around who can help, we are a kick back do at your pace kinda guild. just Search for us on the guild menu.

    Last Updated: Nov 15 09:03 AM GMT-8

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