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BuddyUp Codes Thread!



  • Malum242Malum242
    edited July 2019
    Server: Velika

    Exanthus#0293 (3/3)

    Corax#9061 (2/3)

    Praxus#2468 (1/3)

    Kheladur#1808 (3/3)

    Valid Until: 15 July 2019
  • GladusGladus
    edited July 2019
    Server: Kaiator

    BuddyUp Code:

    Plavusa#5212 (0/3)

    Feel free to ask questions if you are new to the game, for full Buddy Up experience :)
  • edited July 2019
    <3Kaiator <3
    Forkoff#6601 Used (3/3)

    <3Velika <3
    Im.Very.Drunk#9058 Used (3/3)
    Dont.Click.Me#2112 Used (3/3)

    Use my codes! Available until July 15, 2019
  • StyxxeStyxxe ✭✭

  • Here's a BuddyUp code in case the others don't have any room left :)
    My character: Jibril.Kuhaku
    Jibril.Kuhaku's Server: Velika
    BuddyUp Code: Jibril.Kuhaku#4136

    Willing to help out new/older players alike, particularly since I'll be in the lower lever zones grinding for achievements; feel free to send me a message if you need anything!
  • FafhredFafhred ✭✭
    edited July 2019
    (post replaced)
  • My character: Rosangela
    Server: Velika
    BuddyUp Code: Rosangela#8173

    Valid until 7/15/19. :)
  • TrialMacameauTrialMacameau Does it matter ? cuz DDOSing is a crime punishable of Prison ✭✭✭
    edited July 2019
    Check last post
  • TatsuiihTatsuiih
    edited July 2019
    My character's:

    Alcany (0/3)
    BuddyUp Code:

    Tatsuiki (2/3)
    BuddyUp Code:

    Melaenis (2/3)
    BuddyUp Code:

    Valid until the 14th of August! ;)
  • Server: Velika

    Exanthus#0293 (0/3)

    Corax#9061 (0/3)

    Praxus#2468 (0/3)

    Kheladur#1808 (0/3)

    Valid Until: 14 August 2019
  • FafhredFafhred ✭✭
    edited July 2019
    Server: Velika

    Fafhred#5023 (3/3)
    Emerahl#4811 (3/3)
    Gin.Bianco#7499 (3/3)
    Valdin.Zoh#2545 (3/3)

    codes valid until 14th of August Full for the time being, new players in need of help are welcome to apply to my guild (Serenity Academy).

    A few tips for new and returning players:
    - A few gathering quests ask to gather mats which are NO LONGER available nearby, following the crafting/gathering changes; if you are a retuning player, DO NOT NPC your old mats before you checked that out; if you are a new player, your mentor can get you those mats.
    - PMs can be missed for many reasons; if you have something important to say or ask, favor in-game mail, which can now be used anywhere.
    - Add your mentor's alts as friends, or join the same guild they are in, if you want to know when your mentor in on (in my case I started 'Serenity Academy' for that purpose).
    - You can save pets food by summoning your pet in battle, then un-summoning it once done; to do this, there is an option at the bottom of 'Options, Shortcuts', to assign a key each to up to 5 pets (the top 5 pets in your pets list, which is manually sortable); each key works as a toggle.
    - For players who mainly follow missions (as I do): A LOT of areas missions have been removed over the past 3 years; some maps NO LONGER have any area mission at all, or a just few area missions which were story missions until update 83.
    After going though those maps, you might need to do some Vanguard missions to get equipment tokens (since the equipment which used to be given through those missions no longer exist): your character could otherwise be under-equipped for the next maps Since update 83, you can kill mobs on those maps to get random equipment drops, to replace the equipment which in the past you would have obtained from area missions on those maps.
    - For players who only want to level fast, the fastest ways are dungeons non-stop and/or Vanguard missions non-stop; either will leave you with a problem, when you want to do the story missions.
    For the story to make sense, you will then need to select ONLY 1 story mission at the time, starting with the lowest one, taking care NOT TO talk to a NPC about a different mission (you can figure that from the missions log). Update: this may no longer be true since update 83, I would need to get a new char through the whole game to check that.
    Story will bring you titles & achievements, and they used to unlock a few features, although I do not know if the later is still true.

    - Update to v83 (https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/32061/pc-skywatch-antiquities-v83-patch-notes-7-23-2019#latest) changed a lot of things to the story and missions; parts of the story have been removed, and some other parts have been reset and turned into area missions.
    As a result, there are NO connecting mission left between some groups of missions, in various places (in contradiction to what the patch notes states).
    Avatar weapons NO LONGER exist.
    Mobs now randomly drop soulbound equipment matching their area level; ratio seem to be around 1 weapon for every 40-50 equipment or accessory, so far.
    New characters should max their inventory lines ASAP (those you can buy at any banker NPC), or risk inventory overload.
    The new equipment is supposedly upgradeable besides enchantable, however so far that does not seem to work (moving new equipment into the upgrading slot does not work).
    I will update this as I find more important changes and discrepancies.

    If you are not one of my trainees, but need help that your mentor cannot give you, you are welcome to send me a message, I will help if I can (my trainees and guild members will always have priority).
  • Server: Velika
    I am a completely new player who still doesn't know a lot of things about the game so I would be really happy if someone with a buddy code could also be my mentor of some sort since I really need someone who can teach me and possibly help me get to endgame. c:
  • <3 server Velika <3
    buddyupcode enmasse










  • MabeIMabeI
    edited July 2019
    Server: Velika

    BuddyUp Code: Riveille#3639 (3/3)

    Valid until 08/14/2019 07:00
  • My character: Irine
    Irine's Server: Velika
    BuddyUp Code: Irine#7884

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