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[ALL SERVERS] Killian's Corner

Hey there's I'm Killian and I kinda do Art.
Atm I'm trying to do commissions again, still sitting on 1 but I thought heyy why not open a Wait List for people who might be interested so you got something to do even if you finished the ones you got atm.

So yeah I'll just do that.
I got 3 free Spots on my Wait List that can't wait to get filled with commissions ~
I accept Elite Status on every server, anything else has to be done on MT or my Paypal

If you're interested you can find my pricelist and other informations right here:

General Informations:
  • You’re allowed to use my art whever you want please just leave my Signature
  • You pay me after the rough sketch is done to your likings
  • If you commission me, please be as precise as possible
  • I accept Elite Status on every Server

What I usually draw:
  • Females
  • NSFW
  • Gore and Horror
  • Armor

What I need to experiment with (so it might take some time):
  • Aman, Baraka and Popori
  • Males
  • Detailed Backgrounds
  • Special effects
  • Chibis

Ways to pay:
  • Elite Status (prefered)
  • Gold (prefered)
  • Costumes and Acc (refer to my TERA Wishlist )
  • Money (If you're interested in that we need to talk about the price)

All the prices are negotioable !!

It may seem a bit pricy but I’m a very busy person and I have to make sure that investing time in Commissions is worth it for me.

10k Sketch | 20k Lineart | 30k Flat | 40k Full Coloured

Waist Up:
20k Sketch | 40k Lineart | 50k Flat | 70k Full Coloured

25k Sketch | 50k Lineart | 60k Flat | 100k Full Coloured

Depending on the details I’ll charge up to 60k more

25k Normal | 40k-50k Detailed | If there’s anything super special we can talk about it ~

Armor, Costumes and Jewelry:
I usually never take more for costumes, armor or jewelry (mainly because it is part of a character duh) but if said part is a big thing to draw I might take a bit more for it. Depends on the detail etc.

If you’re interested please fill out this form:

What you want me to draw: (ex.: Elin Fullbody with Frill Dress and a Nightfall Weaponskin)

The price you’re thinking of: ( ex.: Fullbody + Detailed Weapon + Detailed Outfit is around 160k and might be more or less we need to find a middle maybe)

Server: (MT/FF/CH etc)

IG Name: (So I can try to find you there)

Tumblr URL: (optional)

Forum Name: (Obviously)

Your Character: (Screenshots of your character, from every side if possible + the outfit and the weapon skin if you want)

Personality: (The personality of your character so i can match the pose)

Pose Idea / Wish: (Obviously)

Additional Stuff: (If theres anything different in your characters looks you can tell me here)

As for some small examples of what I do

Just PM me here if you're interested for a Spot on my Wait List, thank you ~


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