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[KTERA] New Class : Lunar Dancer (temporary name, please read)



  • AlanzerDNA wrote: »
    They may as well just remove the ability to have male characters at this point.

    Yeah... It's pretty sad. It's always disappointing to see yet another race/gender-locked class.
    And I do like castanics, but [filtered]... PLEASE. I wish all the races could access the new classes.
    Sadly fanservice is what sells, and it's easier and faster for them to make the animations for just one race and gender.

    And yet it still didnt save Tera as its population dwindled to the lowest numbers we've seen in any years! Cause you know what sells more? Giving players the option to play who they want, which Blue Hole repeatedly dismissed by intentionally making female OP classes and then claiming; "ohh well females i guess are popular, so we'll just stick to this same business practice" The only way to convince them otherwise is to hurt their wallets, dont spend a penny on their games and boycott these new flavor of the month classes.
  • KTera developers don't care about adding male gender classes. It's all about how much sexy you can do while still be able to present to 12 year olds. It's such a shame this class is yet again gender locked.
  • sanj66sanj66 ✭✭✭✭
    hurray another garbage gender locked class to kick from parties!
  • More female-locked classes, shame. I have no interest in designing a female character. They really have a hard on for wanting to turn this game into Queen's Blade or something. I stopped spending real cash on this game once they introduced the reaper class because it was gender/elin locked. Looks like I'll continue to keep the tradition of keeping my wallet closed until they come out with a class that males can play. Back on the shelf Queen's Blade goes, I mean TERA.
  • The conversion the other day with my friend was, that you see a lot male characters been created, but none gets to the end game. I guess and no offense, Asians are interested in seeing Queen's Blade. It's like most of the Asian mmo's.
  • A dancer? Omg, it's so completely perfect. I can only imagine one thing better: a stripper xD.
  • Next new class: Samurai Stripper.
  • Look at that huge AoE.
    Rip PvP, this dancer class is a freaking melee reaper with warrior scyther burst to multiple targets in range of their stacked targets.
    Imagine a low hp warrior with 7 stacks running back to his healer waiting to get topped up, then bam, both die from the AoE explosion. Petition to call this class Imperator in NA please.
  • NBWfFl2.png

    I love the baby horns :^)
  • kubitoid wrote: »
    @Babbelsim , thx for input! one question though. do you have any info if this new castanic lady is as x-eye as brawler?

    i have no idea this is all i found so far
  • AulonAulon ✭✭✭✭
    kubitoid wrote: »
    btw face shown in the art isnt typical for castanic. is it proto-devan?

    It is concept art where details are not as important as a simplified idea
  • vkobevkobe ✭✭✭✭✭
    sanj66 wrote: »
    hurray another garbage gender locked class to kick from parties!

    nope it is another video from mudkip in a near future B)
  • KylaraFrostKylaraFrost ✭✭
    edited December 2016
    And yet another thread that is getting destroyed by people spamming it with anti BHS / Enmasse / Female character hate.
    Why is it that we are not able to have a simple info thread?
  • Damn, it's another DPS. I was really hoping for a tank or DPS with optional def stance. I don't care if it's OP as hell, we desperately need tank hype and it's not getting any better with new DPS class.
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