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[KTERA] New Class : Lunar Dancer (temporary name, please read)



  • Another class i know i wont be using. Im gonna use the race and class i want, not what enmasse or ppl tell me to use (popori berserker tank ftw)

    What we really need is a new healer class, maybe a hybrid between dps role and dmg like warrior and brawler, something that you cannot be one without really gimping the other one to avoid imbalance, maybe a damage and healer stance that cannot be switched in battle

    Because seriously, we allready have 4 tank classes, "2" of them new. Gods know how many dps classes but still the same 2 old healers from release.
  • PhaineinPhainein Missouri, USA ✭✭
    Yeah I rarely play anymore but I come back and look at news to see if there's costumes I'm willing to login to buy. I've been waiting for a new healer class forever and I will probably die of old age before it comes. Or someone will actually release a new MMO that's worth playing...
  • Boosting this to the top, since people are arguing over the class name, hoping this gives people an insight to what the skills look like...

    Also going to post a few videos I found on youtube... for context and help to understand and see the skills.


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