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[KTERA - Interview] Lunar Dancer, New Dungeon, Dual Option System, and more! Winter Update Preview



  • Yamazuki wrote: »
    Aulon wrote: »
    I'm so excited! I now have a reason to delete my castanic slayer (which i'm not really interested in) and remake her into a new support class. :)

    I may of over looked something but believe its a true DPS class and not a support. The debuff it applies to boost the Lunar Dancer's own damage and offers nothing to the other party members. Maybe I am missing something?

    "In addition, because specific skills can buff party members’ DPSs, it will help the overall group performance."

    Now a highsore run must have a lancer and a moon for more buffs

  • Body is 10 characters too short.

  • wow. hope its ping friendly. :dizzy: jump to this class soonn
  • It won't be. It'll be OP from the start to get more people playing it, then once costume sales start to drop, it'll be balanced.

    Or more costumes will be added. And mounts. What, you like your flying dragons with the 2x crit multiplier? Then you'll love these flying dragons that have four wings instead of two and give a 2.5 crit multiplier!
  • vkobevkobe ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited December 2016
    ye more firework, bring a team of reaper, moon, brawler and gunner to crash opponants computers :3

    and off course the tank cant see anything, because the firework in his screen B)
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