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People hacking Tera?

Lately I've seen people spamming their skills and sit/standup as if they have no ping at all, I've seen what people can do with a macro for doing the sit spamming thing but this is literally so fast it doesnt' have time to finish the animation, I've heard rumors from people in Tera saying there is people using a third party program to make it so they don't have any skill delay etc. I am wondering why this is being allowed? Don't tell me I'm not allowed to talk about it here because I am bring up the issue that people are using it and am wondering why it is being allowed.


  • metagamemetagame ✭✭✭✭
    ask amaterasu
  • VyolVyol ✭✭✭
    Can happen when your ping is bad
  • AkizeroAkizero ✭✭
    edited December 2016
    If you believe that what you are see something that is akin to hacking or modding, take pics or video and report them simple as that. Also, you have it confused, you're not allowed to talk about how to go about modding or using 3rd party programs here.
  • aeee98aeee98 ✭✭✭✭
    First question, what is your ping?

    There are lots of skills in the game that can be animation cancelled by other skills. These are NOT bannable, and if you have low ping you can do this really really quickly. Difference between sub 100 and > 200 ping is huge, for some skills like rapid fire and all lockons take noticably longer time to cast. These cannot be what you said macroed.

    The only macro people are thinking about is for burst fire, and it is usually only for people who can't properly cast burst fire due to high ping. More often than not it is really to ensure you don't lose too much dps.
  • What I've been told is people are using a packet injection mod to make it so they have no skill delay even when they have 300 ping. But I guess anything goes these days on Tera, people are even getting blocked from shinra's dps meter site for using it.
  • Just as a friendly reminder, the discussion of Modding TERA, and more specifically, how to go about using Mods, is against the Forum's Rules.

    If possible, please feel free to record a short video example of a player you suspect is using Exploits, Mods, or a Packet Injection and provide that example as a Link in a Support Ticket, and our Support Team and Security Team will be happy to review it.

    If there is a confirmed Terms of Service or Rules of Conduct violation, we'll proceed to take the appropriate action.
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