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Can't login... anyone else?



  • I don't have that much time to play really, and I do love TERA (even though your shop prices are ridiculous), and I know us complaining won't do much (I work in IT) to change whatever problems there are, but I guess ranting makes me feel better. Especially since I just carved out a couple hours of my day to play... So, rant.
  • Obmit wrote: »
    Yo I just spent my xmas moneys on this game.. plz fix

    Sorry son lol
  • although I really don't agree with this "game is dead" the server issues are getting on my nerves, but I like Tera so I'm not gonna quite just because, I hope you find a fast fix EME, and maybe find a fast long-run solutions to servers too, the last few months have been rough on them.

    always solves server issues
  • Having to try many times to get logged in. Sometimes I get json error and sometimes I get other errors but with repeated tries I can get into the server I was last logged into BUT if I try to go back to the server select screen to play on a different character on different server I can't get in to anything and must start the long series of log in attempts again. DDOS? or just log-in server troubles?
  • Obmit wrote: »
    Yo I just spent my xmas moneys on this game.. plz fix

    Lmao this made me feel bad.
  • abandon shipppp
  • Posting passive aggressively to show my my mild annoyance
  • Ves1978Ves1978 ✭✭✭✭
    lol, last attempt i had was amazing. after i typed my e-mail and password i got white screen with red letters "we're sorry, but something went wrong". no s-h-i-t Sherlock... :D
  • new building same old servers so problem not solved
  • Still no go. Now I can't even log in.
  • maybe get new parts. 5 years is long for tech parts. old and outdated. lol
  • Philore wrote: »
    new building same old servers so problem not solved

    They need to upgrade to them new Broadwell-EP servers. With all the money we throw at them on Elin costumes, you would think they could.
  • LancerJivaLancerJiva ✭✭✭✭✭
    New year, same issues. Some things never change.
  • Got in, got in a dungeon, server went down. Maybe they're restarting...
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