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Meet the new TERA PM - Noesis



  • You seem amazing, your experience and talent makes me envy. Happy to have you aboard, Noesis.
  • Noesis wrote: »
    This is Nyarlathotep:

    This is Hatchetface:

    And to not leave Azathoth out of the introductions:


    Three cats in a single thread? I approve. :hurrah:

    I welcome you, good sir. ~
  • msoltysplmsoltyspl ✭✭✭
    edited December 2016
    Already yet another producer ? lol ....

    Seriously guys ...
  • Welcome :) As a fellow professional and life time gamer I offer my opinions and ideas. Feel free to PM and I will gladly reply as my day job allows.
  • MrWolfyMrWolfy ✭✭
    edited December 2016
    *wags his tail* Welcome! I was curious about something.. Did you by any chance go by a different name a few years ago? I had received a christmas letter in 2012.. and your current forum name and the name on the letter are very similar.. Here is a pic.




    Your kitties are absolutely adorable and does the "wolf" in human clothing comment mean something?...

    Have a wonderful Howliday~

    *wags his tail*
  • We need more competitivity.
    GvG's was fun. (Ibam, Nexus, WB.)
    PvE was fun. (CoF, MCHM, Even skycastle for score runs.)
    I think we could have a little reason to do it. HH is the thing atm, tbh.
    I hope it get better. :D
    And welcome, Noesis. :)
  • I like you already. Your love for H.P. Lovecraft speaks to me. :pleased: I look forward to seeing what you can do here! Welcome to the team.
  • Mechyy wrote: »
    @Noesis Wait wait! Nyarlothetep of Haiyore Nyaruko?!?!

    No. From H.P. Lovecraft- although your... I'm guessing anime? May have been inspired by it. A lot of things have been named after his works over the years. For instance, Arkham Asylum in the Batman series.
  • Squishies wrote: »
    Impressive gaming cred history.

    ...and you got some sweet cats! You sure Spacecats isn't secretly one of them?

    ..... I just got this strange vision in my head of Spacecats meowing and rubbing his crazy hair on Noesis. @.o
    And I wrote a little novel about Cthugha too. Lovecraft is love, Lovecraft is life, I've been spreading the word for a while now :pleased:

    I'm sure you'll do just fine in our farm-oriented farmland o/ Good luck !

    -trappiest priest EU
  • @Noesis - have you read Alhazred, by Donald Tyson? It's amazing <3
  • Is this why they turned MT into a PVE server?
  • ZoknahalZoknahal ✭✭✭✭✭
    Im a bit late to the welcome party :(

    Welcome Noesis, and i really hope to see you more on streams and all. Just a heads up: You will have to fill in some pretty big shoes. Treeshark was like, the only person who ever cared to make decent changes to suit our version of TERA, so a lot of players will expect that from you.

    Also, since you are the new Product Manager, what happened to @DonkeyProphet ?? Do we have 2 PMs now? or does he works alongside you?
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