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  • This is my archer!!!

    .... and my sexi lancer ;3

  • VyolVyol ✭✭✭
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    veltpixel wrote: »
    Since ya'll seem to be posting screenshots and what not, have some of my elfus. :u

    Can I takem home?
    I need them for .. special reasons.
  • megamisama wrote: »
    2Hearts wrote: »
    Guess it's been going on for over an hour lol... tumblr_inline_ndl61cEDQV1rxsw83.gif

    how do you know

    it started like 50 mins ago
  • Salazar00Salazar00
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    iSky wrote: »
    7WYAMRRRE4 wrote: »
    7WYAMRRRE4 wrote: »
    On behalf of all Tera players, I propose we all get a 1-3 day Tera elite voucher (depending on downtime). alot of us can ONLY play on sundays



    1-3 day elite voucher isnt enough. I say we get triple drop all week including next weekend.

    You mean Triple Lag week?
  • @veltpixel I wish I had these in big resolution, I would put them in my wallpaper folder. These are daaamn good!

    (jfc I'm bored, just finished chores and wanted to play to reward myself and I can't - that sucks)
  • SylrissaSylrissa
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    cat Power FTW 2s5N9eV.png
  • EnMasse in charge of servers.
  • KahniasKahnias ✭✭

    Dug through my laptop for this ._.
  • berrymilkberrymilk ✭✭✭

    <3 heres a pic of my priesty
  • Sylrissa wrote: »
    cat Power FTW 2s5N9eV.png

  • These elves man
  • Kraxxius wrote: »
    I just recently got addicted and already having withdrawals, I can't be liable for my choices in this state...

    yeah I joined finally like a week ago. I had an account back in 2014 but didn't get into it it changed a lot too. I don't remember the beginning of the game being like that with the child.
  • Sylrissa wrote: »
    cat Power FTW 2s5N9eV.png

    Oh you're on my server!
  • Time to play TERA! Screen-Shot-2015-07-12-at-3.36.18-PM.png
  • same problem here :(
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