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Launcher Issue : User identification is unavailable at this time



  • I like how this is supposed to be serious.

    But it isn't.
  • sisifo123 wrote: »
    cant log in on my account anymore. When I try to I get the message "user identification is unavailable at this time" anyone know how I can solve this?


    Step 1.
    Go outside

    Step 2.
    Middle finger to the sky

    Step 3.
  • Kraxxius wrote: »
    Krechar wrote: »
    Kraxxius wrote: »
    I just recently got addicted and already having withdrawals, I can't be liable for my choices in this state...

    yeah I joined finally like a week ago. I had an account back in 2014 but didn't get into it it changed a lot too. I don't remember the beginning of the game being like that with the child.

    Pray tell your server my good friend?

    to all the gods and goddesses how do I even know what server i am on DX
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    Braccaus wrote: »
    now thats the gayest ive ever seen lol


    I have a pride bear :pleased:
  • EarEar ✭✭

    Gotta look fabulous while waiting patiently. :^)
  • KahniasKahnias ✭✭
    Aevy wrote: »
    I like how this is supposed to be serious.

    But it isn't.

    Are we every serious?

  • Wuddup


    I want that costume for my high elf I've wasted so much trying to get it :(

  • @Spacecats Any info on when this is resolved?

    I'd @Wizbang
  • He said "they have the best people on it"
    If i have a problem at work it had to be fixed more then an hour ago
  • AnotsuAnotsu ✭✭✭
    i want a refund, my elite is running out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
  • KahniasKahnias ✭✭
    I guess it's time to watch Ancient Aliens and do some Chemistry
  • Aevy wrote: »
    I like how this is supposed to be serious.

    But it isn't.

    Are we every serious?

    Yes. Tempest Reach. Go to a 65 end-game dungeon.

  • DoIlDoIl
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    Kaasahthur wrote: »


    for some reason i just laughed because you said "Wuddup" and that xpresses your char so well
  • zZzZzzzZzz
  • berrymilkberrymilk ✭✭✭

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