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How to report this players?

I tried to send the report in the game, but I did not succeed as the Sorcerer was dead and did not appear at the Lancer report button. But I recorded the video. This violates what some rules? And if ban give for it?

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  • aeee98aeee98 ✭✭✭✭
    You can't, mostly the video alone shows that it is one of your party member's fault.

    If a tank doesn't want to start, you shouldn't force him to start by starting the boss yourself. Lilith is resettable after all. Sure it sounds like a [filtered] move, but behaviours like these do put some people on tilt.
  • not an offence, they are allowed to be useless
    welcome to instance matching, I hope you enjoyed your stay
  • Thanks for the data to blacklist them.
  • TWMagimayTWMagimay ✭✭✭✭✭
    aeee98 wrote: »
    You can't, mostly the video alone shows that it is one of your party member's fault.

    If a tank doesn't want to start, you shouldn't force him to start by starting the boss yourself. Lilith is resettable after all. Sure it sounds like a [filtered] move, but behaviours like these do put some people on tilt.

    It did look like an accident and...are you sure she's resettable? I haven't done LK in quite some time but it used to not be.
    At the same time, having heard my pet tank's reaction to people running in and having seen idiots lock healers out of a boss fight because they were in a hurry...I stand with any tank who refuses to accept that behaviour. You pull it, you tank it.
  • ZoknahalZoknahal ✭✭✭✭✭
    After watching the video, looks like an accident taken a bit too seriously by both ends. From the OP for apparently not being chill, and from the sorc and lancer for being total idiots.

    I have a different standpoint on matters like this. I been a tank since i started playing TERA and i seen it all. However, i have enough patience to swallow what people in IMS may tell me or may do. Sometimes it gets out of had and thats when i would react the same way the tank in the video did, but if i do not wanna waste my time with em, i just drop out and let em look for another tank. Generally for me, is the dps who start to complain about me, but i give em little to no care. I do however stand by what @TWMagimay said: "If you pull it, you tank it."
  • I hope he didnt get the powder tho,I wouldnt pass the powder if I had full behe +15 on all my characters.
  • Well, I think you should have typed what happened instead of linking the video.
    Sadly since the video shows names, it'll be considered a callout, and those are against the rules (letting you know so they don't close your post or punish you for this.)

    In any case, from what I can see, they were discussing about the material for vm, and the priest just jumped in to force start the fight (probably tired of waiting and wanting to get the dungeon over with).
    Now, I wasn't there, so I don't know what happened prior to this. In any case, refusing to participate in a dungeon fight is just being a [filtered], is not a bannable offense. It sucks but there's not much u can do in this cases.
    You can try waiting the out of combat time and kick them, if other people refuses, you talk it out, try to get to an agreement to not waste time and finish the dungeon. Chances are you won't run into them through ims very often, maybe not even see them ever again. So you try to make the most out of a bad situation like this one. Anothe choice is wasting your run and ask to be kicked or just drop the group, it sounds stupid when you haven't done anything wrong, but it saves you time and suffering further by staying around toxic people.

    If you really can't handle running into trolls, toxic players or just people that get easily upset (like this tank and his friend did, I mean, generally the tank goes in first, wich is why he said "ok you tank it" clearly upset from being forced into starting the fight) I'd suggest using lfg, or getting a guild so you can keep your runs drama free and between friends.

    That's all I can say, I doubt you can get them into any sort of trouble from this.

    Good luck!
  • Rip ff tanks
  • BonbonnieBonbonnie ✭✭✭
    edited February 2017
    Eh, welcome to end game. Also, what are your specs? I could only dream of having such beautiful FPS... :love:
  • sorry for my english I am a Russian player and English is not my native language =) I will use Google Translate =)
    I have read the comments and generally understand your position. The reason I recorded this video is the 2 player. What you see on the video is a typical game for the Russian server Tera. That is, in 9 out of 10 calls you will meet these players. Аnd it does not matter instance matching or LFG.
    I like the American server, and the people who play here. Some of you are write welcome to end game =) Here is my profile http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198025084085/ I think you understand what I mean =)
    I just want to say that in America these characters are quite rare and should be a way to remove them all) or to play with the same =)
    but as I understand it does not punished, so we will play with them and more =)
    have a nice day =)
  • DeadXDeadX ✭✭✭
    what i got from it? lancer wasn't going to tank unless he got what he asked for...pathetic. sadly you can't do anything, except let people know he's a jackass. i'll keep that name in mind, and the other. lol, pugging probably because he's already a known jagoff and can't get parties any other way.
  • The tank is my friend, he actually a good guy. He wasn't not starting because of the powder, he just wanted to kick one of the sorcs. hahaha. But i found this funny. Just don't ever IM and you dont have these problems. :P
  • NinjaBunNinjaBun
    edited February 2017
    Hey, sorcerer here! ^^

    To begin with, we wanted to use IM to play with a friend from an other server. The matching did not happen, so we wanted to kick the other sorc (bad crystals, gear, wanted to be carried). It did not happen, so we just carried on with our lives and wanted to finish the dungeon asap (proves my bravery and nocts).

    Then we indeed asked them if they could pass the powder (I doubt it's against the rules).
    Then the priest said "Mistakes were made" (because we wanted to kick her sorc friend before the first boss) and started the fight to force us in as a 'revenge'.
    Now, we all know the tank goes first.. some tanks tolerates better, some tanks absolutely hates when over-confident healers/DPS are acting on their own.

    What is not shown because the video was stopped here, (of course) that few % before the first shield phase I went in to help, but did not get any heal. The healer was not willing to heal me, and due to having aggro I died. I said I wanted to help, so she should have healed me, or else they would have spent the whole day there, her reply was "It's ok, I have time, we gucci :^)".

    In nutshell.

    Have a nice day.
  • Its nothing new. Its EXACTLY how the toxic trap players do it.
    They will start the battle when u prepping, knowing that -
    1) U cant kick during combat.
    2) Dg entry is used up when boss is immediately engaged.

    Leaving u with a choice either to finish the dg and carry the guy, or drop the party while losing the dg entry and get yourself a dropout debuff. That's why most people just Alt-F4 and go offline. The trap is real.

    Thank god Harrowhold is not IMS.
  • If a player is harassing you or being extremely toxic, using foul language, or breaking the Terms of Service, the best thing to do is submit a Customer Support ticket and provide as much detail as possible. The player will be investigated and our CS crew will determine what actions are necessary to prevent that action from happening again.

    Calling out players is against the forum rules, though, so don't post about it here. It only leads to witch hunts and drama that get us nowhere.
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