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Slaughter weapon from event disappear

So I got my Warrior to 65 and use the Slaughter weapon(with the +9 scroll).
When i move to Kaiator, the weapon disappear permanently with the message:

"You are not in PC cafe. Equipment items intended only for PC cafe users will be deleted, and the crystals and niveots used in the items will be returned to you by mail."

What is happening?


  • ILikeTeddyBearsILikeTeddyBears ✭✭✭
    edited February 2017
    EME screwed something up, text probably refers to the PC cafes in Korea where players pay to play there but get extra stuff and benefits from BHS and Nexon.

    Send in a ticket to support and see if they can do anything about it.
  • I am just curious, Its just slaughter weapon so I don't really care that much. Post it here for everyone to see the problem.
  • WHOA. Ok, thanks for the heads up on this. That is absolutely our error. When we put the items together for the box, we inadvertently grabbed an odd version of the Slaughter weapon. We're working on a fix for the box's contents that will be updated in the next maintenance, and I'm putting together a short-term solution for Warriors over the weekend that will be hitting 65, so they won't miss out on getting the rewards. Warriors hitting level 64 will get their Slaughter weapon at 64, with a note to either wait until after Maintenance to open their reward, or to sell/discard the weapon that is inside the box.

    Additionally, for every warrior that hit 65 since Tuesday, we're going to be sending them a proper Filet & Steak Weapon, along with an additional +9 Enchantment Scroll.

  • LanetaLaneta ✭✭
    that was strange weapon, stats were not rerollable
    Anyway, its "so fun" to get it MW and +12 and then removed and after (duh!) 1 day get +9
    Imagine, 1 day, no weapon.. Sure you'll wont wait and get it and MW+12 again if you can, enchant mats waste...
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