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Too many toxic people in pvp battlegrounds



  • Here are my 2 cents to the subject. I ve doing CS and FWC since beta testing and its true that it has been toxic since day one. Some days more, some days less. It always depends. But, if you look at it, from outside that little box, you will see, PVE is no different.

    Most players take about 5-10 runs to get really experienced into a dungeon, learning mechanics and all. Some take less, some take more. But, if you start any dungeon, using wrong crystals, or not using specific skills, or consumables, then the chances are you will get kicked from the party raid. If you dont listen to what the party members are telling you, you get kicked. If you keep making the same mistakes, consistently after x amount of runs, they will probably not want to run with you anymore. And the list goes on. Even withing a guild this happends.

    Now, in CS, how many CS's do people actually have to play to understand the battleground? 20?50?200? See, PVP players are more patient. Ive seen players with over 100 CS runs, and they still dont know what to do in certain situations. Or players not listening to lead, or viceversa. So why should the PVP community be more patient than the PVE one? Makes no sense.

    So, here is my advice, to all that go to BGs, and not being kicked.

    1) Pay attention. Specially if you are lead. An absent lead is more likely to get kicked. If you dc, when you enter, you might get kicked too.
    2) If you are a player that applies prebuffs, like healers, DO IT.
    3) Be reasonable and get PVP crystals when required. (In PVE, if your crystals are messed up, you wont even get into a dungeon)
    4) Listen to the advice, of more experience players and do that.
    5) Help to kick offline players, and bot players. Nobody likes to carry one too many people.
    6) Dont try to be a wanna be yolo-solo Rambo. BGs are mostly about Teamwork. Rarely is the scenario in which a single player can carry the whole team, a full party is more likely to do that. But still. stay with group.

    7)Read any guides on Battlegrounds if you are not sure what to do. Just like you would in a dungeon. Google is your Friend.

    8) Worst case scenario , bring popcorn for the saltiness.

    So in sum, I think the OP is exaggerating a bit the scenario considering that the PVE community is as intolerant as the PVP one, if not more.

    In my personal case, I used to rage in BGs in the past, but havent been doing it for a long time now. It just amuses me, that some things never change. Also, and more importantly, raging and cursing in Battlegrounds, will not turn the events of the match. If any, it will just go for the worse. So there isnt really any positive outcome from being toxic. It just happends. Call it stress relief, or whatever.

    Anyway, wish you all better experiences in Battlegrounds in the future
  • Quick update last Saturday my team was losing tons of bgs, the leaders were confused and being switched around as there was a confused team. It upsetted me as a healer because I could only heal so many as a mystic in mass pvps. So one CS I decided to lead and we got a victory. I decided to do it again and another victory. I got lucky on the teams that listened and I felt happy proud because I took in your guys advice so thank you.
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