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Welcome Message Problem !

Hello sience yday i got a problem on welcome message and i dont see my catalysts to can use them ! TO extend the explination : made 12 SSNM runs , learned the catalysts and when i open welcome message to open potions i see this :

As you can see is not shows me the number of catalysts i have learned , also Pressing on button START tells me " i have not enoung catalysts"

I did everything possible : repaired launcher ... after even reinstalled windows + drivers and reinstalled agaain game , getting same problem !

Note : this morning when i log welcome msg dind even showed me the catalyst event , was something like : http://prntscr.com/eadfei and after few minute opened again welcome message and all was fine and i had 55 Catalysts farmed from previous 12 SSNM and usd them , and again after few minutes when to use again same problem thatpersists until now continualy !
I have no idea how to fix this , please any suggestion that might help me will be good , also i made ticket but probably will take long time until i will get an answer.


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