Honey, I shrunk the Castanic!



  • Nootiful wrote: »
    You are using mods! Thats whats going on! Hacker!

    idk :\ probably some bug that will never get fixed

    Well it's not like this is something people experience all the time. The fact that it was only Naizilla means it was something funky with just one client (so not a bug). Especially if that client is modded...

    This is why we ask players not to mod their files. In this case it's just weird and sort of funny, but a lot of the time things just break and prevent people from playing which isn't cool.
  • I'm the high elf in the picture, didn't notice the tiny Castaneda behind me
  • It's a bug, i don't have modded files.
    Happens rarelly, but happens.
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