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"Mirror skills" Casting skills in opposite direction

Let me first start off by saying even restarting my computer does not fix this. My skills are reacting opposite half the time as they should be. This can be confusing so let me illustrate. When this happens for example my backstep goes forward. When I nova it goes behind me instead of in front. Any skill i follow up with right after like Meteor Strike also goes in back of me i have to cancel and recast anywhere from 1-3 times before it will fix itself. What I can tell you is for some reason Teleport Jaunt always seems to work correctly. However with it changing through out the fight there is no way to be sure of if its just coincidence or not.

I can not play like this and waiting two weeks for a ticket considering I cant even run the simplest of dungeons atm is not a real solution. Can anyone tell me how to fix this or at least what is causing it.

Restarting does help but only for a minute maybe if I come back in and dps it eventually starts again.


  • I've seen this glitch before but never rampant and restarting the game completely usually fixes it one other time. I had to restart twice before it went away. Now this time i've restarted many times and its still happening

  • Two days and no responses still having this glitch I find it hard to believe such a ridiculous glitch would even be happening in the first place. I have never heard of such a glitch in my many many games I have played >.<
  • Tried a repair the glitch is still here.
  • SpacecatsSpacecats ✭✭✭✭✭
    This sounds like a potential issue with your TERA client. Please create a customer support ticket so that one of our support crew can help troubleshoot the problem:
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