Spacecats help! QQ Character is bugged, can't load into game :o

Aine from Tempest Reach here. My main is bugged and can't load into game whatsoever. Would like a GM to help out asap. @Spacecats

Please and thanks!


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    For these sorts of issues, you have to send in a Support Ticket.

    Usually they can just try warping you to a different location. (You should also try running a client repair from the Tools in the Launcher just to make 100% sure.)
  • I sent a ticket, but I just finished event and will lose all my catalysts and parcels if it's not resolved by tuesday am. I'm becoming pretty demotivated by this :/. It's my main and I don't think I'll be playing until it's fixed.
  • Sorry to hear you're having trouble. Not being able to log in whatsoever is kind of a rare occurrence, and vague as far as details are concerned. I'm afraid the only course of action is to let a Customer Support rep investigate whatever it is that may be causing the problem. I hope you're able to get back in soon!
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