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Event Bosses - Actually tested?

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  • NobupakNobupak ✭✭✭
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    I don't believe they were specially modified for this event other from the changed loot table, amount of certain bosses and their location that was randomly generated. This was the same with previous 'mongo' events where bosses from older dungeons used the same one shot mechanics as they would of before. But since they weren't really updated, those older bosses didn't do much damage, while the newer ones (including DS upper floor bosses) caused players to die from those certain dungeon mechanics.

    Overall I'm happy with events like these in general, as it gives new things for players to do as they progress in TERA. This gave players time to explore and connect with other players in the open-world other than sitting in Highwatch/Velika with the chat window open. Some publishers on this earth don't bother to pull these things off, or fail so poorly it has to be pulled hours after it starts. It took a lot of time and dedication to make sure it all worked out in the end, even when this is Noesis's first event.
  • SirekappaSirekappa ✭✭
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  • SpacecatsSpacecats ✭✭✭✭✭
    They are tested prior to the event to make sure they can fight properly, but their stats can't be changed. A Lachelith spawned out in the open will deal damage and have the same HP as one in Ruinous Manor.

    Some boss mechanics are based on their dungeon surroundings, so sometimes that causes weirdness that prevents us from using that boss. We check that kind of stuff in advance. As far as attacks that kill players, that's just part of what makes a boss a boss. Some are always going to be way easier/harder than others.
  • EME can't really modify bosses (other than their loot table), they can only pick from the database of bosses in the game. If they want to get event versions of bosses, they have to request to BHS to make the changes (and who knows if they have time to do it -- probably not). Different types of rewards for different class types also isn't possible unless BHS makes changes to the game; the publishers are constrained by the tools they are given. So that's why you get these sorts of "imperfect" bosses and "imperfect" reward schemes. There are probably only a small handful of BAMs that are really "great" for events, but I suspect they think it would be boring to spawn the same thing every day, so that's why they tried a variety of other BAMs -- some of whom have inconvenient mechanics.

    I know in the past that if there were specific BAMs that people hated for good reasons, they've tried to avoid re-using that one too much going forward. So maybe it's a good idea to create a list with rankings of the various BAMs so they can know what people's favorites are.
  • Oneshot mechs may be annoying, but are necessary to make boss live long enough for all raids to get there. Thalweg had no wipe mech and a lot of ppl were disappointed - they were dying before like 1/3 of ppl reached it.
  • The mechanics from Lach actually made it pretty entertaining and challenging to participate. It also helped keep the boss alive long enough for more than just one raid to get to it
  • why complain for all?

    is very funny see all server death and they cant kill the boss huehuehuehue

    darkan, arechabra and lachelit have this op aoes, let it be
  • whoever is complaining about last nights mongo can go suck it. that was the second most fun legendary mongo released. first being Spacecats Manaya spawn during the stream. just sitting back and wailing on it is not fun. if it can wipe an entire server in one channel it is hilarious and fun.
  • It's a lot more interesting this way than watching ppl mindlessly spam skills on some bosses. It's how world raid bosses should be.
    That, or spacecats can just fill the whole area with spikes and bombs like he did when he just got hired, pretty hilarious and challenging to be honest.
  • seraphinushseraphinush ✭✭✭✭
    Hi AV person here- my buddies and i really had fun doing this, compared to any other bosses spawned previously- the plague/regression, push, etc- these "mechanic-heavy" bosses really keep events like this entertaining, compared to say Odon from DFHM which basically took less than 1 minute to kill
  • I think that the problem is that you keep on saying what YOU want. And so does everyone else.

    And this is why the second poster said what they said. Is extremely hard to please everyone. Because while you want something and think is the right way to conduct the event. Othe people may want something entirely diferent. So if they catered to what you specifically want, then the rest of the people would complain, and vice versa.

    In the end, I think it was a pretty solid event. Most of kyras events are, as long as u can get your hands on a decent amount of catalyst. And I don't think anyone struggled much to obtain them this time. So in that aspect, the event was a success and everyone got a good amount of mistery prizes.

    The legendary and even the regular open-world mongo spawns were an extra. A bonus to give another way to obtain catalist than mindless dungeon farm. I honestly think it was also a good idea, because it provides a "break" from doing the same thing everyday. And since the bosses and locations also change, is even more of a break, because is diferent every single time.

    Ofc I still think the servers are not strong enough to hold such events that call to massive amounts of people in the same area (wich is why last night in CH, Frontera gave birth to a ch 2 to accommodate the excessive amount of people that were arriving to that zone that normally posseses only 1 channel). You also have to add the fact that not everyone plays in the best conditions (High ping because they are not from NA, or low fps because they don't have the best computers etc) This factors make the experience more annoying to some, but they can choose not to participate if they think so, since the mongos are just an extra. (Although, because the servers are not at their best, I don't think many people can farm dungeons at the same time the legendary are being spawned, myself and others get higher than normal ping and spikes during those spawns)

    I don't know, I think as an all the Kyra event was a success. You can get mad that you didn't get absolutely every single kill of legendaries, but most people didn't either. I think is intended to be this way. And even if you don't get them all, you still accumulate quiet a decent amount.

    I have to say good job EME and Noesis for planning it, thank you for bringing Kyra back, I wish this event happened at least 2 times a year, is my favourite and I know other people love it too.

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