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Question on server lag from international (Korea)

i have been experiencing some strange thing in these days.

Since some of you may know that i am having vacation in south Korea until august, i am trying to connect Tera NA server from South Korea.

The strange thing that i am experiencing is server lag.

Now i play 2 mmo and 1 mobile game.
For MMO i play Tera and Guildwars 2.
For mobile game, I play Heroes of Order and Chaos on android.

Both Tera and Guildwars 2, i def connect to NA server. For Heroes of order and Chaos, I connect gloval server (it truly says global server)

But when I play Guildwars 2, i experience almost no lag, even tho its ping says 100~200, i really feel not that much lag. Every skill button i press, it casts as soon as i press button.

For heroes of order and chaos, i can't measure ping since it is on android, but also i think it is still playable.

But Tera, really laggy. Whenever I presses skill button, every reactions happens like 1 sec later after i press. (i don't use vpn while playing game. Cuz it only requires vpn when to log in. Once login via client, i turn off vpn and just play without vpn)

Why is that? I just don't understand why i get almost no lag for gw2 and heroes of order and chaos, but experience huge lag for Tera only? Since their server must reside in NA samely.

Thank you very much for reading.


  • Well for one, where do you live since I'm guessing it's not in the US.

    Number two, yes both servers are in NA, but Tera's server is in Chicago, Illinois while Gw2 server is in Dallas, Texas, two very different locations.

    With Tera, there's been some routs to the server that's been not doing so good for the past month or so which is probably the reason why some people, depending on their location is seeing ping spikes and lag from packets taking the worst routs to get to and from the server.
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    Now i see, thx. So it just goes to their server from Korea in worst route.

    Hope EME changes their server host to Dallas, Texas server like GW2 haha
  • Probably won't happen since their physical servers are already in place and moving them takes time and plenty of money.

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    Actually one more question, does it cost more money to have server in Dallas, Texas than Illinois, Chicago?

    I have no idea but just curious, haha
  • I actually don't know, but judging how most servers for big games, aka League, Dota 2, Wow probably all have servers in Chicago. So it's a prime location.
  • CatatonicCatatonic ✭✭✭
    Run a trace route and you will see where you problem is in your connection.

    Open the command prompt. type tracert diag.enmasse.com, hit enter
  • SaphirKanzakiSaphirKanzaki ✭✭✭✭
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    As Catatonic said, the only reliable source would be a trace route.

    Example: I'm in europe, and my usual connection route is via London, across the Atlantic to Chicago. When using a private VPN, I was sometimes directed via middle east, Hong Kong, Pacific, Seattle, Chicago. Of course this caused lag spikes up to 2000ms (or even more).
  • I am trying to use program called BattlePing that says it can reduce lag by 50%.

    It says i have to choose one from chicago 1 to 4, 4 choices.
    Should I select either one from Chicago 1 to 4? any of them is fine or only 1?

    any1 know? thx.
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