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Tera Error Log - Error: 0111:0001

edited February 28 in General Discussion
I was playing fine until last night. I relogged my launcher (around 10pm PST) and then it all started. This error kept popping whenever I tried to press PLAY.
I don't use any VPNs, I've checked my connection and it seems fine, I have already rebooted my computer and I have enough/a lot of hard space. Which means, I have already done every step of this guide:
And nothing can solve that. So I really need a hand here. I have no idea about what to do.
I've already sent a ticket/opened one, but I know it will take too long to get a response. This has already happened but it was one time thing, the error popped and then I was able to log in the game after the second try, but never like this.
Appreciate the help!
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