Reporting a Player

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Was wandering around Velika when i saw some advertisements of RMT by a player.

Don't know if this is legit or not, but if you wanna check it out, he is in Tempest Reach. I gotta give it to him tho, he is under Velika, so you won't find it anywhere in the actual city, but underground.


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    I've already reported this once, as the character had an alternate name. I assume the bot got banned, because now he has a different name. I've already put in my second report for this bot's new character, and I'm just waiting for a response. You should as well, since we're on the same server.
  • He is still there, he poofed when i got close, and he spawned again -_-
  • This shouldn't be a problem anymore.
    If you see this specific type of advertisement again, on any server, please report it immediately. ;)
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