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The difference between a skilled player and a noob?

I want to hear people's opinions on whats the difference between the two on Tera. If you happen to be a dps main, healer main, or a tank main I would also like to hear on your opinions on what qualities of a skilled player of that class compared to a noob of the same class.


  • XX7NKWDLFD wrote: »
    I want to hear people's opinions on whats the difference between the two on Tera. If you happen to be a dps main, healer main, or a tank main I would also like to hear on your opinions on what qualities of a skilled player of that class compared to a noob of the same class.

    Noob->new player who is starting to play and doesnt have enough experience (and gear ofc) ingame.
    Skilled*->player who can do all the PvE/P content in a realiable/profitable way, in a reliable/profitable time, commonly they have elite/mid tier gears.

    As older (but nos skilled -.-") Tera player (4+years playing), I've seen lot of strange things...so, the mainly diferences are
    1-an older player always take a min BEFORE start a dungueon, and check his/her ccb's, consumables, and crystals (tanks with green AS crystals, healers with aggro crystals -.-", I've seen an archer with mana regen and HP green crystals.)
    2-the knowledge of your class, your role in the party (DPS tanks witouth aggro retention capacity and NOHEAL/DPS healers shines here, while noDPS dps's makes a 10min run tooks 25-35mins).
    3-the knowledge about your party composition (isnt the same thing have a lancer or brawler tanking, they have 2 opposites playstyles, buffs/debuffs, if you have a mystic healing you, you CANT ask for a 100k healing on all party members each 10-12secs, but your dps increase its interesting.
    4-This can be stupid, but....THE ###### MYSTIC [filtered] MEN (they are really OP, when properly used they can save you from some silly debuffs and,,it heals a lot -with the glyph ofc- , but if you are a ##### ball's eater, that means no hp, no dispell, no mana, die bish.
    I can write about this a lot more, but...wait, lets pple learn him/herself
    --->>>> skilled players tooks his/her time reading online guides about dungueons, guides about your class and how improves yourself, to get the best self performance.<<<<---

    *(footnote->there is a lot of skilled players classes, im talking about the real ones, if you want know more about the other classes, just play, the time gives you the knowledge about it ).
  • u just asked for 10pgs of opinionated hose [filtered] and essay long posts YOU know won't read trolol

    Tell me I'm wrong and no this aint being cocky just the truth
  • Here, this might help:
  • I recommend reading this topic

    Pretty entertaining while still hold true for the most parts. Essentially it's "what do you expect from one class", but you can deduce your own conclusion "what should I do to be that pro person".
  • most of the time:
    Ping carried = pro
  • XR6GREJ4WD wrote: »
    Skilled players have common sense. Noob players tend to stand in a red dangerous circle and doesn't know why they are dying.

    Skilled ranged class tends to stay closer to get behind bosses better. Noob ranged class stands extremely far away and when the boss turns they never go behind the boss to reposition cause it takes way too long.

    Skilled healer class knows when to preemptively lock-on and heal if they are going to take damage while handling under pressure keeping support up-time almost 100% of the time with endurance debuffs and mana replenishment. Noob healers only heals and never takes orders to use support skills cause healers = heals and nothing else.

    Skilled tank class keeps their endurance debuff up at all times while keeping good position and sticking in front of the boss while holding aggro very consistently. Noob tank doesn't keep aggro thus it hurts everyone's performance and continues to make the boss spin around.

    Everything this person wrote is dead on. 100% agreed with everything.
  • aeee98aeee98 ✭✭✭✭
    edited February 2017
    Usually Skilled dps will have a higher average dps (compared to peers of the same gear-tier and class) and can still dodge nearly 100% (barring lag which is of no control), and know first hand if they can facetank the attack depending on the skill level of the healer. Most "skilled" dps with the highest numbers can't do the last part.

    Skilled Healers can in short healcarry even the trappiest of traps. Even if it means losing a little bit of debuff/buff uptime.

    Skilled tanks won't take damage if he knows healer isn't skilled enough or if dps are too trap that the tank can't afford to give burden to the healer. That is on top of perfect positioning and debuff/enrage times.

    In short, a real skilled player will know how to implement his skills to help the party and will still perform if the rest of the party is noob.
  • Skilled players and noob players have different reasons for facetank something.
    Skilled players will stop facetank if they realize their healer isn't capable of healing them in time.
  • A skilled player started as a newbie, did horribly time after time, but made a conscious effort to improve each time until it "clicked."

    An unskilled player started as a noob, and continues to make the same mistakes over and over again. They don't care to learn, they want to be carried through content through more competent teams until they get the items they need. Many might even believe they know everything about both their class and the content they're playing, because they're still managing to clear it.

    Applies to both PvE and PvP, obviously. I think it's just easier to tell in PvP, barring large gear differences.
  • skilled player, = know about your clase / maybe dont have hands, but have brains

    noob player = they think are the most pro player with handless/midless class ( brawler, ninja, gunner , new classes )
  • Skilled player:

    Knows which mechs will kill him, correct use of his framing/damage reduction skills, uses his brooches and consumables to max extent when [filtered] is getting [filtered] up or needs more DPS to keep UP par to VM players with mid tier gear (example guile +12 etched but dyad + t2 etchings vs +15 ambush) as well knows how much punishment he can take as well using potions/motes if stuff goes bad and takes in conciousness the rookie vows instead going straight neo resurrection. Will DPS when he knows he wont be damaged by boss mechs or has enough time to do small dps with quick skills as well max glyphing his character keeping up buffs and debuffs at his hand on par

    Newb player:

    Doesnt knows much about the game, but he is willed to learn more about its class eventually as well the dungeons

    Noob player:

    Wont even bother to listen skilled/pro players, uses only spacebar to do damage, doesnt even properly glyphs his skills, frames when he shouldnt frame, wont take dungeon mechs or read guides on how to clear, blames the healer when he resurrects like a dumbfuck on the wrong time, doesnt even gets rare glyphs, wrong rolled class, thinks he can clear tier 4 dungeons with low tier gear, doesnt uses CCBs, doesnt even bothers to back crit bosses, fails to aggro as tank cause bad rolls lack of aggro, talks constant [filtered]
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